Cocuklar Ergan Dagina
24 Erzincan

”Come on, the kids go to Ergan Mountain“

Erzincan Municipality has opened snowboarding and skiing courses for 10-17 age group children. Applications will be made to Erzincan Municipality White Table between 21-23 January and the course will continue during the semester break. From entry level [more…]

dhmi will make 3 bin 619 staff recruitment
06 Ankara

DHMI 3 Bin 619 will recruit staff

Within the scope of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority M DHMİ Kamu, the İhale Open Tendering Procedure unda in the Public Procurement Law No. 4734 will employ a total of 3 thousand 619 personnel. For DHMI personnel recruitment [more…]

collective bargaining agreement signed
35 Izmir

IZBAN signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement

9 IZBAN workers organized in Demiryol-Is, whose strike rights were taken away by the presidential decree in January, signed the collective bargaining agreement imposed by the employer. In the statement made by İZBAN administration, 'Signature, 26 percent which is the last proposal of İZBAN [more…]

new minibus line to the city hospital
26 Eskisehir

New Minibus Line from Batıkent to City Hospital

With the decision taken by Eskişehir Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), the minibus line Mavi 23 starts to serve to facilitate the transportation of citizens living in and around Batıkent to the City Hospital. Citizens living in the neighborhood of Batıkent [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 22.01.2019 Tender Bulletin

Malatya-Çetinkaya Line KM: 2 + 218 Overpass Passage to the Highway Overpass, İncesu, Arabli and Bor Transformer Center Maintenance and Repair Service will be taken Line Protection and Corrective Grinding Work

watch the driver's seat
41 Kocaeli

View Akçaray Line from the Seat

The tram 17 was officially opened on June 2017 in Kocaeli, where major troubles were experienced until it was built, and the market tradesmen and the citizens on the route experienced problems. Once the tram is put into service all taken at a time [more…]

two new metro lines coming to scholarship
16 Bursa

Two New Metro Lines Coming to Bursa

The Bursa Transportation Master Plan (BUAP), which was built by the Metropolitan Municipality for Boğaziçi Proje AŞ and will be able to solve the traffic shortage of the city, was shared with the members of the Assembly in which President Alinur Aktaş attended. Greater Municipality [more…]

Izmir children enjoy the report card
35 Izmir

Children of Izmir Enjoy the Gift Card

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Olympic Ice Sports Hall welcomes children and young people who have the opportunity to close their schools. The rink is free of charge for those who bring their report cards, and the stress of a whole period is filled with those who slip on ice. Izmir [more…]