What to Expect from Bursa 2019
16 Bursa

What to Expect from Bursa 2019?

World, Turkey and Bursa husband left behind more than a year. Of course, we all experienced a lot of joy and sadness in the daily time frame of 365. Today is the beginning of a new year, new hopes. Firstly, [more…]

93 million passengers per year with metro

Million Passenger to be Moved by Metro in Mersin

With the rail system project planned to be implemented by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, 237 thousand passengers will be transported daily and 93 million passengers will be transported annually. Purchase of the sea bus will take place in the coming days. Concrete in the Metropolitan Municipality 2018 [more…]

Metro and tram personnel are also preparing for strike in Izmir
35 Izmir

Metro and Tram Personnel in Izmir Prepares for Greve

While the strike started by İZBAN workers continued in İzmir, it was announced that metro and tram employees were preparing for the strike. In the statement made by Demiryol-İş Union, the agreement could not be reached at the mediation stage after the collective bargaining agreement resulted in a dispute. [more…]

See The Railway In The Dream 456

Seeing the Railway in a Dream

Railway Dream Interpretation is a good, comfortable and lucrative business. Religious Meaning of Dreaming in a Dream Dreaming of dreaming in a dream, as you are going to go on expatriate journey or the future of a relative from abroad, smooth and unhindered [more…]