incesu Himmetdede in months kayseri way to land jobs BSK art structures made of tender results

İncesu-Himmetdede Ayr-Kayseri Road, Earth Works, Art Structures, BSK

Incesu-Himmetdede Ayr-Kayseri Road (Between Bogazköprü-Organized Intersection) Km: 0 + 000-3 + 308 Between Earth Works, Art Structures, BSK The approximate cost of the 6th Regional Directorate of Highways with the number 2018/643071 KIK numbered 92.903.537,73, 0 TL İncesu-Himmetdede Ayr-Kayseri Road (Between Bogazköprü-Organized Junction) Km: 000 + 3-308 + XNUMX [more…]

Important development of the Ufa high-speed train project 1
63 Sanliurfa

Şanlıurfa High Speed ​​Train Project

Şanlıurfa AK Party Deputies Mehmet Ali Cevheri, Gülender Açanal, Halil Özşavlı and Ahmet Akay General Manager of TCDD İsa Apaydınand received information about the Şanlıurfa High Speed ​​Train project. The most popular means of transportation of recent years [more…]

06 Ankara

'Treasury' Fund for TCDD!

According to the law proposal accepted in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, TCDD General Directorate investments will be financed through capital transfer from the budget of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Tax Laws and Some Laws and Decree Laws Amended in the General Assembly of the GNAT [more…]

historical karakoy tunnels 144 yasinda
34 Istanbul

Historic Karaköy Tunnel 144 Age

Turkey's first celebrated 144 years of history, the world's second subway tunnels. IETT General Manager Dr. Ahmet Bağış, Deputy General Managers Dr. Hasan Özçelik, Hayri Haberdar, Abdullah Kazdal, AK Party Beyoğlu [more…]

mediterranean sea to be connected by speed train
07 Antalya

Mediterranean Sea to be Connected by High-Speed ​​Train

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, made statements about the investments of the ministry in Antalya, where he examined. Antalya's growing emphasis on developing Turhan receive the grant from Turkey, roads associated with the neighboring provinces of Antalya, expressed around the work they do, [more…]

additional free bus service to Saklikent ski center
07 Antalya

Additional Bus Flights to Saklıkent Ski Center

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has organized additional public transportation services to Saklıkent Ski Center throughout the semester for students who are excited by the report card. The Metropolitan Municipality prepared a holiday surprise for the children of Antalya to make the most of the semester break. Most of the winter season [more…]

he likes
41 Kocaeli

Kocaeli Loved KOBIS

KOBİS (Kocaeli Bicycle Transportation System) Project, which was realized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, attracted great attention. The project started in the center of Izmit and later spread to 12 district. New stations are installed KOBİS 86 bin 760 [more…]

bisim 5 reached the 1 million 622 thousand users at the age of
35 Izmir

BISIM 5. 1 Million 622 Thousand Users

The bicycle rental system "BİSİM", which was put into service by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on January 18, 2014, reached 5 million 1 thousand users at its 622th year. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken important steps in the goal of "bicycle city", with BISIM, which attracted great attention in a short time. [more…]

ring of cerkezkoy train line of guvengini
34 Istanbul

Halkalı Çerkezköy The Security of the Train Line

CHP Tekirdağ Deputy Candan Yüceer Halkalı- Çerkezköy the reliability of the train line moved to the agenda of the Assembly. The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mehmet Cahit Turhan, who asked the Parliament to answer the question Halkalı-Çerkezköy to the technical specifications [more…]

Minister Turhan examined the road works in Antalya
07 Antalya

Minister Turhan Examined Road Works in Antalya

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan stated that the Antalya Northern Ring Road, the Antalya-Burdur highway and the bridged crossroads on this road will create significant relief in transportation. Minister Turhan, in the studies on the Northern Ring Road and Burdur Highway in Antalya [more…]

07 Antalya

High Speed ​​Train from Antalya to Izmir

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “We are also planning to connect Antalya to Izmir by high-speed and high-speed train in the near future. Our project work on this continues. We will start the construction work by including them in the investment program in the coming period. ” said. [more…]

ibb children's assembly will spend half a year full of holiday
34 Istanbul

IMM Children's House, the semester will be full

The Children's Assembly of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a series of activities for its members for the semester break. Hundreds of children will participate in the events, museum visits, aquarium trips, sports activities and Ottoman Archives will consist of trip programs. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Youth and [more…]