heromaras north-west road 3 stage work continues 3
46 Kahramanmaras

Kahramanmaras North Ring Road 3. Stage Works in Progress

Construction of the 3rd Phase of the Northern Ring Road, which is under construction by the Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, continues at full speed. It will connect the Dulkadiroğlu District and Onikişubat District in Kahramanmaraş from the north, starting from the Gaziantep Road Airport junction and from the north to the Kilavuzlu region. [more…]

changes in the railway safety system 2
06 Ankara

Amendment to the Railway Safety Regulation

The Regulation on the Amendment of the Railway Safety Regulation was published in the Official Gazette No. 15 dated 2019 January 30656 - Duplicate. REGULATION REGARDING THE AMENDMENTS IN THE RAILWAY SAFETY REGULATION ARTICLE 1 - Official Registration No. [more…]

prosecutor asked tcddde signals snow
06 Ankara

Prosecutor Sordu, TCDD Signals in Confusion

Ankara Public Prosecutor Oğuz Ejder Özdemir, who conducted the investigation into the train accident that resulted in the death of 13 people on 2018 December 9 in Ankara, asked various questions to TCDD. Conflicting answers came to these questions from two different institutions of TCDD. Alican from the Republic [more…]

carpti 1 into passenger train machine
43 Kütahya

Passenger Train and Work Machine Collide in Kütahya! 1 Person Killed

In Kütahya, the passenger train on the Balıkesir-Kütahya expedition crashed into a construction machine passing through an uncontrolled level crossing. In the accident, the driver of the construction equipment died at the scene. The passenger train departing from Balıkesir to Kütahya is at an uncontrolled level crossing near Demirciören village of Kütahya, [more…]

muglada 4 bin 118 mileage on the road
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Line Work Done On 4 Thousand 118 Kilometers Road in Muğla

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their horizontal / vertical marking activities throughout the province. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality teams, in the scope of the horizontal and vertical marking work on the roads throughout the province, traffic arrangement, warning signs as well as missing or deformation [more…]

ease of transportation with smart poles
54 Sakarya

Accessibility Will Be Provided with Smart Masts

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation by the new Smart pillars are being passed to life. Ek Smart Pole offers the possibility of charging the phones with solar energy due to the problem of charging with the increasing number of smartphone users. [more…]

eurasia tunel how much does 2019 cost per night
34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel Toll How Much 2019?

The tolls and price schedule of the Eurasia Tunnel, which is the world's first two-storey highway tunnel under the sea, has been announced. How much is the toll of the Eurasia Tunnel, where thousands of passes per day by many citizens [more…]

Great highway project on silk road
993 Turkmenistan

Great Highway Project on the Silk Road

In Turkmenistan, between the capital Ashgabat and Turkmenabat, which is on the border of the country's Uzbekistan, there will be an 600 kilometer highway. One feature of the highway is to take place on the Silk Road route called ergah A Belt One Way al and the project will be realized by Turkmen companies. [more…]