Eshot in Izmir started a strike
35 Izmir

Did Eshot Start a Strike in Izmir?

ESHOT buses started strike in Izmir. Although no information has been provided from official sources yet, it is among those who are said to have quit work in front of the municipality due to the police's attitude towards the worker. According to Ege Haber; İzmir ESHOT started a strike. The last minute [more…]

banning the strike
35 Izmir

Prohibition of Grevin Didn't Revive İZBAN

The illuminated boards showing the departure times do not work at İZBAN stations. No one who goes to the station knows how long to wait. According to the report of Turan KARA from Evrensel; “In the agricultural town established around the heavy industry enterprises of İzmir, the temperature is minus 2-3 degrees during the day and at night. [more…]

YHTDE is now also at the control center risk
06 Ankara

Control Center Risk in YHT Now

When the signaling, which is started after the disaster in Ankara YHT line, is completed, the transportation of the control center will be on the agenda. Eroğlu from BTS warned that yaşan if transportation occurs, serious problems may occur. 13 in Ankara after the train tragedy in December [more…]

delayed train neckerchief 1
49 Germany

Delayed Train Neckerchief

A German woman living in Munich recorded every delay in the trains she was riding with the colors of the scarf she knitted. Most of us are no strangers to the trouble of being late for transportation on the way from A to B. A woman in Munich, Germany, commuting to work [more…]

dhmi 2019 commences a coordination meeting
06 Ankara

DHMİ 2019 Year Coordination Meeting Has Started

DHMİ 2019 coordination meeting started at Esenboğa Airport DHMİ Congress Center. The meeting, which started with the opening speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and our General Manager Funda Ocak, is attended by the Deputy General Managers, Heads of Departments and Airport Managers and Airport Managers. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kolin Construction Withdraws From IGA

Kolin Construction decided to transfer its shares in İGA, the operator of Istanbul's third airport, to which it is also a partner in different businesses. Partnership structure in İGA Airport Management Inc., which has implemented the Istanbul New Airport project with the Build-Operate-Transfer model and has undertaken its operation for 25 years [more…]

expedition ticketing operation vodafone moved to the cloud
16 Bursa

Burulaş's Ticketing Operation Moved to Vodafone Bulut

ticketing systems of Bursa's largest transportation company moved to Vodafone Cloud infrastructure Bursa manages the entire public transport network in the city center, Burulaş the ticketing operations, Vodafone Vodafone spent his knowledge in the field of technology Group's life by moving to Turkey to Turkey Cloud [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Completing the Bridge Beams at Köseköy Junction

D-100, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which performs projects to make the vehicle traffic uninterrupted, is building a tunnel passage intersection in Köseköy. While the excavation of the tunnel section of the ongoing junction is completed, the installation of bridge beams is completed this week. TRANSPORTATION NETWORK [more…]

no spot
07 Antalya

Ermenek and Güzeloba are not reached

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is strengthening urban public transportation with new lines to increase the satisfaction of the citizens. In order to solve the problem of transportation problems in the districts of Ermenek and Güzeloba of Muratpaşa district, 513A lines between Ermenek-Altıntaş-Güzeloba were launched. Antalya [more…]

ankarada mass transportation
06 Ankara

Public Transport in Ankara Now Free in Jandarmaya

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council has decided that the officers, non-commissioned officers and specialist sergeants working within the Ankara Provincial Gendarmerie Command can use public transportation vehicles in the city free of charge. The previous day, under the presidency of Deputy Speaker of the Assembly Ali İhsan Ölmez, [more…]

istanbul tram lines renewal tender cancellation
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Tram Lines Renewal Tender Cancel

Bağcılar in IstanbulKabataş and the tender for renewal works to be carried out due to the wear on the Habipler-Topkapı tram lines was canceled. It was announced that the tender was canceled because all the bids submitted were far above the allocated allowance. From SÖZCÜ to Özlem Güvemli's news [more…]

last tracks in the main plan
16 Bursa

Last Retouch in Bursa Transportation Master Plan

Bursa Transportation Master Plan (BUAP), which was planned by the Metropolitan Municipality to eliminate the transportation problem of the city and whose preparations were completed, was shared with the relevant unit chiefs of public institutions and organizations. Traffic in the future plan to city council for approval in January [more…]

samsun cross-train train service begins
55 Samsun

Samsun Sivas Railway Train Schedules Start

It has reached the final stage in Samsun Sivas Railway. The trains are running test drives on the renewed tracks. TCDD officials stated that the line will be put into service this month. Built in the early years of the Republic, opened in 1932 and renovated 3 years ago [more…]