gasification electrification and signaling facilities 2
27 Gaziantep

Gaziray Electrification and Signaling Plants Construction Work

Construction of Başpınar-Oduncular (Gaziray) Electrification and Signalization Facilities Tender Result 2018 companies submitted bids for the tender for the construction of Gaziray Electrification and Signalization Facilities with the approximate cost of TC State Railways Administration (TCDD) 597453/266.005.381,04 KİK numbered 3 TL [more…]

ttso erzincan insist on the trabzon railway project
61 Trabzon

TTSO, Erzincan-Trabzon Railway Project Insistently

TTSO President Suat Hacısalihoğlu said that they will be insistent on Trabzon's two mega projects, the Investment Island and the Erzincan-Trabzon Railway Project, and that they will continue their hot pursuit. Hacısalihoğlu said, “We aim to complete the Investment Island Project at the end of 2019. Likewise iron [more…]

burdurda tcdd ustgecit asansoru refreshing
15 Burdur

Railway Overpass Elevator Renewed in Burdur

Two elevators in the overpass connecting Bağlar Neighborhood to İstasyon Street are being renovated. Two elevators at the overpass connecting Bağlar Neighborhood to İstasyon Street, which has been overhauled, repaired and repaired by Burdur Municipality many times, will be renewed. Burdur who made a statement about the overpass [more…]

changes in the development plan of the northern marmara highway
54 Sakarya

North Marmara Motorway Master Plan Changes

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Council's decision of 11.06.2018/6 scale master development plan prepared for the final state of the Northern Marmara Motorway approved by the decision of 403 and numbered 1/5000, the second suspension announcement period of the plan (16.10.2018 - 16.11.2018) [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 25.01.2019 Tender Bulletin

There is no tender record for the date 25.01.2019 in our system. Similar News:RayHaber 09.01.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 03.01.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 11.01.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 04.02.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 06.02.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 02.01.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 04.01.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 08.01.2019 Bidding BulletinRayHaber [more…]

gebzeye marmaray has arrived
41 Kocaeli

Marmaray has arrived to Gebze!

Gebze-Halkalı Test drives started on the Marmaray Line. The suburban train was seen in Gebze. Gebze, one of the most important transportation projects of Istanbul - Halkalı Test drives started in order to complete the Marmaray Line. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) [more…]

16 Bursa

No Stop in Transportation Despite Winter in Bursa

The works on the 4,5-kilometer section of the Mustafakemalpaşa Paşalar Güllüce connection road, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and whose 1.8-kilometer section was completed, continues without slowing down despite the cold weather and rain. New rail system within the transportation master plan in Bursa [more…]

trial surge starts in Gaziray suburban line
27 Gaziantep

Trials on Gaziray Banliyo Line Begins

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, Turkey's most prestigious projects, has managed to implement. Gaziray Suburban Line Project to be realized within the scope of the protocol of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, TCDD, 6 organized industrial zone with city center (OIZ) [more…]

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