the strike phase in izmir subway brought the resignation
35 Izmir

Strike Stage in İzmir Subway Resigned

İZBAN, METRO and TRAMVAY crisis in İzmir continues. Izmir Metro General Manager Sonmez Alev resigned from his position. Flame, explaining the resignation of senior staff members, permission to leave. IZBAN workers to start the strike, the striking stage of the metro in Izmir on the top [more…]

turhan train accidents tcddnin defect
06 Ankara

Minister Turhan: "TCDD Has No Fault in Train Accidents"

In the response to the motion of the CHP's Özgür Özel, it was stated that TCDD did not have any fault in 8 accidents in which 4 fatal accidents were investigated. In response to the parliamentary question of CHP Group Deputy Chairperson Özgür Özel regarding fatal train accidents, it occurred in 2018. [more…]

the ski-to-run fis trophy ended
14 Bolu

Skiing FIS Cup Ended in Gerede

Turkey Ski Federation International Ski Cross 2019 Activity program located in the FIS Cup competitions ended in the town of Bolu Gerede. Women's 10 km and men's 15 on the last day of the competitions organized at the Arkut Ski Center in Gerede [more…]

green osb road map completed
06 Ankara

Green OIZ Roadmap Completed

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, "Promoting Green OSB, we launched the Framework for Turkey Project. Action plans were prepared for pilot OIZs. In addition, as a complementary document of the first stage in the field of legislation and institutional reforms Green OSB [more…]

yht accident after the tcdd ankara garinda new system established
06 Ankara

TCDD Founded a New System in Ankara Gar

Three days after the accident, in which 9 people died as a result of the high-speed train from Ankara to Konya entering the wrong scissors, TCDD established a new system at the Ankara Station. According to the news of Eray Görgülü from Hürriyet, the mechanic with the new application, on the way [more…]

dangerous moments in ankara subway
06 Ankara

Moments Full of Danger in Ankara Metro

In the Ankara Metro, the trips were disrupted for a while due to the train, which was seen to have sparks and flames as a result of the failure in the electrical system. The train moving from Batıkent to Kızılay direction, as a result of a sudden power outage and shaking on the İvedik bridge [more…]

ski jump national team entered the camp
25 Erzurum

Aerial Team of Ski Jump

Our national team, which opened the season late due to the lack of suitable conditions, carried out its first hill training in Erzurum Ski Jumping Facilities. National team athletes Fatih Arda İpçioğlu and Muhammet İrfan Çintımar to the trainings held with the coaches Faik Yüksel and Mustafa Öztaşyonar, [more…]