green osb road map completed
06 Ankara

'Green OSB' Road Map Completed

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, "Promoting Green OSB, we launched the Framework for Turkey Project. Action plans were prepared for pilot OIZs. In addition, as a complementary document of the first stage in the field of legislation and institutional reforms Green OSB [more…]

ski jump national team entered the camp
25 Erzurum

Aerial Team of Ski Jump

Due to the lack of suitable conditions, our national team, which opened the season late, carried out the first hill training at Erzurum Ski Jumping Facilities. Trainers Faik Yüksel and Mustafa Öztaşyonar accompanied the national team athletes Fatih Arda İpçioğlu, Muhammet İrfan Çintımar, [more…]