İZBAN Statement of Railroad-İş Union

izban statement of the railroad union
izban statement of the railroad union

The İzmir Branch of Demiryol-İş Union stated that they were fighting all kinds of accusations during the Izmir Suburban System Inc. (İZBAN) strike.

In the statement made by the İzmir Branch of the Railways-İş Union, it was noted that İzmir Banliyö Sistemi AŞ (İZBAN) had been fighting all the accusations during the strike process. In the statement made through the union, it was observed that İZBAN employees remind everyone of the "forgotten definition of seeking rights and is the representative of honorable struggle", as an example to the whole working class.

Stating that İZBAN employees, who are the actors of the strike that has been going on for a month, are an example of the solidarity of this working class; "" We have been fighting all kinds of accusations for a month, we have been subjected to all kinds of slander, but we are not daunted, but unfortunately the current laws of our country have finished our resistance. Throughout our just strike until the end, we were criticized in every way. They accused us of many things. Finally, it was seen that when the subject is the right of the laborer, the most unlikely people can unite. Party and politics are ending. Ruling out İZBAN united opposition workers trying to discipline the working class of Turkey. 'Do not rebel against us, do not seek rights, or we will unite, unite and leave unemployed for 1 month, as we did for İZBAN workers, then we will void all your struggle.' they say. After these developments, whatever we do or say, we cannot cool our hearts, we know ”.

President of the union Ergün Atalay is represented by a delegation of workers, he said, while a thousand pounds for the workers who support the strike was learned that a support said.

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