IZBAN Strikes Politics Is Conjugated!

izban strike strike politics
izban strike strike politics

The AKP government has been known since the first day it took office, and it is a concrete fact that it is known that it has made a lot of interventions. Although democracy and the rule of law are mentioned, serious rights deprivations have been witnessed especially in terms of the rights of employees.

When the collective bargaining agreement between İZBAN and DEMİRYOL-İŞ Union, in which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD had a share of% 50-% 50, resulted in a dispute, the union decided to strike by the union. However, in our country, especially in recent years, it is not easy to strike. The unions take the decision to strike and use the government authority and the strike is postponed indefinitely.

This was not the case in İZBAN Strike. The strike decision of the union entered into force without any obstacles. Everyone was a little surprised. In fact, the work of non-union employees in İZBAN was stopped by a court decision. When you look at what is up to this point, you may think that freedom comes to the field of labor in our country. And suddenly, the news of the people of Izmir, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality due to the intransigence of the rights of people in the press due to the flow of transport has spread.

However, TCDD, which had the same share in İZBAN, was never mentioned. The fact that those who know know what they know and know in a short period of time has come to light. The sacred labor struggle was instrumental in politics. 31 March before the local elections, the government of Izmir, the Metropolitan Municipality did not give the right of the employee, the public was miserable perception of the strike with the aim of getting the elections.
However, the people of Izmir soon saw this.

• TCDD was the 50 partner of İZBAN and was always in the background.

• It was very clear that the strike was not aimed at the liberation of our country in the field of labor, but rather against the pre-election municipality and the people.

The game is broken, the process began to process the game against those who know what we know and the step was taken.

The strike of İZBAN workers is prohibited by the decision published in the Official Gazette with the signature of the President.
But the most natural and indispensable right of the struggle for labor, GREV was instrumental in politics. This will remain a black mark in the struggle for labor, and we hope that the people of Izmir do not leave any snow in the ballot box. (BTS)



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