tcdd bicerova nemport port connection line completed
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TCDD Biçerova Nemport Port Connection Line Completed

Nemport Port Connection Line, which has been completed within the scope of the project of connecting the ports to the railway, was opened to loading and unloading traffic. The junction line that leaves the Biçerova station and goes to Nemport Port is a total length of 3 km and is 484 meters. [more…]

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Benefits and Losses of Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are becoming very popular now. We started to see electronic cigarettes in the hands of everyone on the street, at home, in the cafe. This device does less harm to the human body than normal cigarettes. Most people quit smoking [more…]

Is it illegal to go out in the street
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Is there a curfew in Izmir?

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that we have entered the most critical two weeks in the meeting he held with 30 district mayors on the internet, he said, “In the first Pandemic Board meeting under the leadership of our governor, we took to the streets for two weeks. [more…]