TCDD Takes Precautions For Corona Virus In Train Station And Stations

tcdd took measures for corona virus at stations and stations
tcdd took measures for corona virus at stations and stations

Due to the recently growing worldwide epidemic of coronavirus took several measures for the Republic of Turkey State Railways station and the station.

In addition to the daily cleaning works, disinfection procedures are carried out in the stations and stations frequented by hundreds of passengers.

Every day, disinfection studies are carried out after the end of the train services in many of our stations, as well as the MARMARAY with a daily capacity of 500 thousand passengers in Istanbul, BASKENTRAY in Ankara, IZBAN in Izmir, High Speed ​​Train stations. In these anti-virus studies, which are proposed by the Ministry of Health, materials with anti-allergic and content with no harm to human health are used.

Disinfection and sterilization processes are carried out periodically in the entrances and exits of the station buildings, in the interior and exterior spaces, in the passenger waiting areas, at the tolls and in the sections designated as common areas.

Disinfectant dispensers and table top hand disinfectants were placed in all stations and stations between Çukurhisar and Kapıkule, including MARMARAY stations.

Thanks to the hygienic environment provided in the common use areas of the station buildings used by our citizens, it is aimed to travel in a healthy and safe manner.

It is aimed to raise the awareness of our people with the warning postings about Coronavirus that we hang on all our stations and stations.

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