Sarıkamışlı National Snowboarder's Goal Olympics

The Goal of the National Snowboarder from Sarıkamış: Olympics: Turkey's highest ever International Ski Federation (FIS) score in snowboarding kazanMuhammed Cem Boydak, a national athlete from Sarıkamış, aims to be the first athlete to represent Turkey in this branch in the winter Olympics.

Italy Moena Ski done in Center 4-5 March International Chalet Valbona Snowboard Cross gained the contest in second place and 120 FIS points with Turkey, who achieved the best result in this branch Mohammed Cem, Switzerland On 18-19 March Lenka He is preparing for the European Cup races at the Ski Center.

In order to achieve a good degree in the European Cup races, the national athlete who worked 3 hours a day at Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center explained their goals.

Muhammad Cem Boydak, 8 snowboarding years, 4 years as a national athlete participated in the competition, he said.

Muhammed Cem stated that he had achieved a good point in the last two years with his disciplined studies but he did not see this enough.

“I came second in the last race I attended in Italy. I continue my work without interruption. Although there is March in the tracks here, there is very good snow. I collect very good energy in the fresh air in the Scotch pine forests. I took my workouts to the top because I am preparing for the European Cup races to be held at Lenk Ski Resort in Switzerland on March 18-19. After these competitions, my main goal is to participate in the 2018 Olympics in South Korea. There have been no athletes participating in the Olympiad so far, I would like to have our flag sent by participating in this Olympiad. ”

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