Bacon, sausage and Erciyes

Pastirma, sucuk and Erciyes: Kayseri, the shining city of Anatolia, and the pearl of Mount Erciyes on its neck, are taking firm steps towards becoming the center of attention of local and foreign tourists.

I never thought that I would one day go to my hometown Kayseri as a tourist. While I thought I knew the city, I saw that I was quite wrong with this trip. I saw all the signs of Kayseri, where I went with the invitation of Anı Tur. In my opinion, the best part of the city is its silence, but it does not fall behind from life. Most importantly, sports events. Erciyes Mountain hosts these. The mountain greets those who come to the city like a cross-legged dervish right in the middle of Anatolia. What are they trying for Erciyes; "The great spinning wheel pulling eternity from the well of time", "the most magnificent rattle of the farthest star on earth", the spark, "the pearl attached to the neck of Kayseri"… The moment I got out of the car and stepped into Erciyes, I took a deep breath. While I was smiling and saying “How nice the weather was”, I suddenly started to bleed from my nose! Oxygen hit it well… As soon as I got myself, I put on my snow clothes to ski in sunny weather, I bought the equipment and started climbing. I forgot to mention one real detail, I was going to ski for the first time in my life!


At first, the impression that formed in my mind was this: What is wrong with this? Come see that things are not quite like that. I felt like an international professional skier while I was on top of the hill, standing cool and cool. Until I realized that I could not go straight, and back when I was sliding. I could not stand as well as I could not slide. As if I weren't enough, I couldn't slow down and plunged into the crowd, then the pottery exploded. The ski center with lots of tourists and regulars will be expanded next year, the day will rise for ski lovers, but I prefer to watch the skiers from afar. I decided to give up cream and join the city tour. Kayseri cuisine is an aspect that attracts the most attention of local and foreign tourists. "What to eat when you go to the city?" The answer to the question is obvious; either ravioli, sausage or bacon. But it is such a pastrami that people 200 meters away will understand that you are eating bacon in Kayseri! Saying that the taste of this city cannot be enjoyed any other way, we ate pita with bacon and sausage, eggs with bacon sausage, beans with bacon sausage and even bacon and sausage day and night for 2 days. So much so that some of the team members said that they had pastrami and sausage even in their dreams. How not to be eaten, so delicious ...


Kayseri is not only composed of these, but also very rich culturally and historically. Actually, Kayseri is a 6-year-old modern Anatolian city built on the slopes of Erciyes Mountain. There are many places such as Camiikebir, Hunat Hatun Kulliye, Roman Castle, Grand Bazaar, Kültepe Mound, which have their own stories and architecture. Mimar Sinan from Kayseri has only one work in his hometown, Kurşunlu Mosque, which is not well known. You must see another aura. But the most striking place is Gevher Nesibe Medical History Museum. According to the accounts, people with mental illness in Europe at the time were regarded as witches or enchanted and burned them. But in this hospital in the center of Kayseri, mentally ill patients were treated with water and music. The city in the cradle of civilization was far ahead of today's developed countries… The saddest thing was being unable to visit Kayseri Castle, it underwent restoration. The city center is chirping. When you walk around a square that looks bigger than Taksim Square and see "free internet" writings around, you are quite surprised. But most importantly, museums are both digital and free.

Whether you watch

Kayseri's natural beauty is another. I discovered great destinations especially for photographers. Whether you photograph it or enjoy the view by taking nature walks… Yahyalı Derebağ Waterfall and its surrounding villages, Aladağ and its foothills, Sultan Sazlığı where you can watch flamingos at sunset, Şeker Lake that offers the best view of Erciyes Mountain from afar, Yedigöller formed by melting ice towards summer, micro shots Hacer Valley, the best place to cool off and find peace, Kapuzbaşı team waterfalls, Palaz Plain surrounded by greenery and Tuzla Lake in it are among the destinations I mentioned.

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