Towards the FIS Snowboard World Cup

FIS Snowboard World Cup 's right: President Erol Benefits Turkey Ski Federation International Ski Federation (FIS) by December 20 on Saturday held the FIS Snowboard World Cup Big Air Istanbul stating that they managed to bring the best athletes in the world, "befitting Turkey a "We are doing the World Championship."

Maslak Sheraton Benefits Speaking at a press conference of the organization held at the hotel, the FIS Snowboard World Cup Big Air is the world's most important, one of the cities that it will be held in Istanbul, "in terms of winter sports in the 15-million megalopolis such as Istanbul in Turkey and we have to give a message to the world . We could not deliver this message from Erzurum in this dimension. That's why we took this organization to Istanbul, ”he said.

Turkey's winter sports record would then have benefits, he continued:

"With the competition, with athletes, with systematic work and integrate with the world ski community will no longer be Turkey. We have been disconnected so far. This is one of the most important reasons why we took this organization. We have managed to bring in the best athletes in the world. Worthy of Turkey are making a World Championship. There will be a big show on Saturday, God willing. the whole world with rebroadcast Istanbul, Turkey and will watch our athletes. "

Erol Benefits, the International Olympic Committee's winter sports stressing that came with the program coordinator director for Turkey, said:

"This is very important for Turkey. They will observe both our organization and Big Air. They will decide two things. Should Big Air be an Olympic sport anymore. If they decide, Big Air will be the Olympic sport in 2018 Korea. The second will look at Turkey. Turkey's ability in winter sports, organization, Ski Federation we're going through a trial. Hopefully, it will be our first face towards the 2026 Winter Olympics. If we get a good grade, we always want to open this organization in Istanbul. Turkey's largest Olympic federation in Turkey has branches Ski Federation. no federation in Turkey does not represent us up Olympic medals. Our success is very important for Turkey. 2,5 million Slovenia participates in the winter olympic games with 66 athletes. 77 million people have gone from 6 winter sports in Turkey. This is not acceptable. With my team, it will be our main goal to change and improve. "

Benefits, they want to do in Erzurum, Turkey's largest ski center in this city on November 1 and April 30 will be held 6 months skiing, he added.

Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Memet South, it started its work today to make artificial snow for the organization, stating that the runway covered with snow this evening, "in Istanbul 30 men, 15 women athletes will compete. Women will take part in this organization for the first time. The quality of the competition is very high. There are Olympic athletes, world cup, world championship winners, ”he said.

Noting that the first leg of the FIS Snowboard World Cup Big Air will start in Istanbul, Güney said, “Then it will be in London, Quebec and probably Moscow. "There are two mountain feet in Switzerland and France."

Kerem Mutlu, the head of Playmaker Sports Entertainment, said that the organization will be broadcast on 7-8 television channels around the world, and it is expected to reach around 120 million households.

International Ski Federation race director Roberto Morena, to improve all winter sports in Turkey Noting that the objectives and move much further, he said they had a very good organization in Istanbul.

- A giant ramp was set up at ITU Stadium

A giant ramp with a height of 41 meters and a length of 125 meters was installed at the ITU Stadium in Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Maslak Campus, where the organization will be held.

30 men and 15 women who will compete in the organization will train tomorrow. On Saturday, after the morning qualifiers, 10 men and 6 female athletes will compete in the final at 19.00 in the evening.

The FIS Snowboard World Cup will be broadcast live on Big Air Istanbul Eurosports, NTV Sports and 8 worldwide. Before the live broadcast 2 Istanbul promotional film will be shown in the minute.

350 tons of artificial snow stacking process began to the area for organization. 5 bini stands for the World Cup, 15 thousand in the field, including the 20 thousand tickets were offered for sale. Tickets are sold at Biletix over prices of 67-215 lira.

Within the scope of the organization, the Winter Expo, which will be held at the ITU Sports Hall on December 19-20, will bring together the representatives of companies engaged in production and marketing for the winter season. Winter Expo can be visited for free.

A variety of concerts and events will be held within the framework of the FIS Snowboard World Cup. After the final races, Athena will perform for the concert and the BubiTuzak band will perform before the races.

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