16 Bursa

Gospel of the People's Day in Bursa Uludag Cable Car (Video)

The Gospel of the People's Day in Bursa Uludağ Teleferikte: The Halk people's day Bursa application begins on the cable car, which is one of the longest non-direct lines of the world, which was brought to the city by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and connected Teferrüç and Oteller Region. Application with 35 TL [more…]

34 Istanbul

IETT 5 carried passengers around the world in the year

IETT carried passengers as many as the world in 5 years: The number of people using public transportation vehicles serving in Istanbul within the General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises (IETT) reached a number close to the world population in the last 5 years, 6 [more…]


Kaşüstü crossroad and light rail system in Trabzon

Kaşüstü intersection and light rail system in Trabzon: It was stated that the most ideal solution for the intersection arrangement in the Kaşüstü area of ​​the Yomra district, where traffic is intense, would be the 'Dal-exit intersection arrangement'. Karadeniz Technical University (KTÜ) providing information on the subject [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbullular will read books at metro stops

Istanbullular will read books at metro stops: Reading groups will be created for the readings of Istanbul residents at Marmaray and metro stops. Ecek 7 Fine Man ince book readings will be held at the UM 7 Beautiful Reading ”event to be held by Seven Crescent Association. Istanbul residents at Marmaray and metro stops [more…]


RayHaber 17.03.2016 Tender Bulletin

Engine cylinder head preparation, maintenance and repair work for DE 24000 type locos. Concrete sleepers will be lowered and installed service will be purchased. DMU bogie fasteners will be purchased (TÜVASAŞ) Personnel service will be taken. Cleaning service will be taken (Afyonkarahisar Wagon Maintenance [more…]

Intercity Railways

Level crossing is closed in Malatya

Level crossing is closed in Malatya: It was decided to close the level crossing in Malatya where the minibus with 30 students and the freight train collided, and the level crossing in which a student died in the train accident that occurred 3 days ago in Malatya is closed. In the Dilek District [more…]

49 Germany

Losses of German Railways

German railways will expel workers: Germany's railways (DB) have announced a loss of one billion 10 million euros in 2015 year after year 300. Germany Railways (DB), 10 2015 in a year after 300 [more…]

DB Train Deutsche Bahn
49 Germany

Deutsche Bahn - 1,3 Billion Euro Loss

1,3 billion euros loss from Deutsche Bahn: German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) announced a net loss of 1,3 billion euros last year, according to Deutsche Bahn's net loss of 2015 billion euros in fiscal 1,3. in the cargo hold [more…]

34 Istanbul

Two new ropeway lines to the Golden Horn

There are two new ropeway lines to the Golden Horn: two more lines are added to the Eyup-Piyerloti cable car line. The first line will extend from Piyerloti to Miniatürk and will carry a thousand 500 passengers per hour. The other line will be held between Miniatürk and Alibeyköy-Vialand. [more…]

06 Ankara

Wagons empty empty sector ran to Ankara

While the wagons were empty, the sector ran to Ankara: The share of the railways in freight transport remained even below the level (2014) at the 5, even at the level of release (4.6), despite the large investments. 2014 25.1 2015 22.3 XNUMX [more…]

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