Intercity Railways

Level crossing is closed in Malatya

The level crossing is being closed in Malatya: It was decided to close the level crossing in Malatya, where a minibus with 30 students inside and a freight train collided. The incident that occurred 3 days ago in Malatya [more…]

49 Germany

Losses of German Railways

Loss-Making German Railways Will Lay Off Workers: German Railways (DB) announced that it made a loss of 10 billion 2015 million Euros in 300, after XNUMX years. German Railways [more…]

06 Ankara

Wagons empty empty sector ran to Ankara

When the wagons lay empty, the industry rushed to Ankara: The share of railways in freight transportation was 2014 percent in 5 (4.6 percent), even below the level (XNUMX percent) in the years when liberalization was on the agenda, despite large investments. [more…]


Women in Konya

Special Tram for Women in Konya: A signature campaign has been launched for a separate tram for women in Konya. "Separate wagons should be created for men and women on trams", which was launched on the online petition platform. [more…]

06 Ankara

Ankara Metro business to Alarko

Ankara Metro work for Alarko: Alarko Holding subsidiary Alsim Alarko has undertaken the Ankara Metros Additional Electromechanical Works Construction Project. The company made a statement to KAP regarding the issue. [more…]