Tram collides with car

Tram in the car collided with the car: The accident occurred on Alaadin Boulevard. Campus-Aladdin expedition, 42 DTC 61 plate collided with the car. In the accident in which the material damage occurred, tram trips disrupted for a while.

01 Adana

Suspect bags in Adana Metro station

Suspicious bag at the subway station in Adana: The forgotten bag at the entrance to the subway stop in Adana, lived fear of bombs. Those arriving at the subway station opposite the Governorate of Adana when they saw a derelict bag at the underpass [more…]


High speed train to Trabzon

Trabzon: Ak Party Trabzon Province President Heydar Revi, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications met with Binali Yildirim. Revi explained all the projects related to highways in Trabzon to the Minister and made requests. [more…]


Samsun should be a logistics center

Samsun Logistics Center Should Be: The Economy Development Workshop organized by the Municipality of Canik was marked by the Osman 14 Gold Proposal Başkan made by President Osman Genç to make Samsun a strategic base. President Young, Samsun-Samsun for the economic development of Batumi [more…]

06 Ankara

Australian Ambassador visits TCDD

Australian Ambassador visited the TCDD: Australian Ambassador James Martin Larsen General Manager Omar Stars visited Australia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia, Ambassador James Martin Larsen and the Australian Consulate General in charge [more…]


Raysever Poet

Years ago, trolleybuses, a kind of a raysless tram, took the classic trams, passed through the city traffic to the places they passed. After years, they took the modern trams. Revenge them. Şair Güntürk ÜSTÜN