Siemens opens a tram factory in Gebze

Siemens opens tram factory in Gebze: Siemens Turkey Transportation Department, a tram factory in Gebze In the 2017 is preparing to put into operation. High standards and preferred in many countries, Siemens Gebze tram factory [more…]


UTİKAD Visits Asyaport

UTİKAD Visited Asyaport: International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association UTİKAD held its board meeting in March in Asyaport. UTİKAD Delegation welcomed by the Asyaport authorities and [more…]

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The suspicion of a bomb in Göztepe Metro

Bomb suspicion in Göztepe Metro was a joke: 2 person at the Göztepe metro stop in Istanbul brought a takbir to the moving wagon and threw the bag. 2 people were detained in connection with the incident. The ball came out of the bag. In Istanbul [more…]

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Handicapped access in Istanbul

transportation barriers for disabled in Istanbul: They, Turkey's xnumx's percent of the population that accounts for about 12 million of the population. The number of them is considerable but the transportation in Istanbul is the biggest obstacle for the disabled. Because even on the sidewalk [more…]

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ASELSAN goes down the tracks

ASELSAN rail coming down to: a fact that is located in the world's forefront of Turkey's rail system investments. A speech at the opening of the Eurasia Rail International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair, which started today [more…]

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ASELSAN and INDRA Cooperation in Railways

ASELSAN and INDRA Railways Cooperation: Turkey's ASELSAN's leading technology companies, the Spanish technology company in good faith cooperation agreement for the construction of the railway area with Indra. Indra, International with ASELSAN [more…]