32 Belgium

Explosion in Brussels' Maelbeek Metro

Explosion in Brussels' Maelbeek Metro: Following the twin explosion at the airport in Belgium's capital, Brussels, an explosion also occurred in the metro. 20 people died in the explosion, 55 people were injured. capital of belgium [more…]

Diyarbakir Batman Expeditions Become More Comfortable With Renewed Train Sets
Intercity Railways

Batman Diyarbakir Train Services Canceled

Train services from Batman to Diyarbakır were canceled yesterday morning. It was claimed that the reason for the cancellation was to prevent the citizens from going to Diyarbakır Nevroz. Departing from Siirt Kurtalan every year early in the morning, Batman and [more…]

Yavuz Sultan Selim Koprusunde 323 million dollars lost
34 Istanbul

3. Bridge Looks Like

The Bridge Looks Like This: The last aerial view of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will connect the two sides of Istanbul for the third time.

07 Antalya

Public transport in Antalya

Public transportation in Antalya Public transportation fees in Antalya, 24 March starting from March. The full fee was 2.10 TL, student 1.35 TL, and retired / teacher discounted fee was 1.50 TL. Transport Coordination Center (UKOME) [more…]


Aviation and Rail Systems Supported

Aviation and Rail System Supports Explained: At the meeting held in Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), the support to be given by Bursa-Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) was explained. Financial Support '2016 organized in cooperation with ESO and BEBKA [more…]