Intercity Railways

Leveling Problem in Manisa

Manisada Level Crossing Problem is Solved: A concrete step has been taken for the level crossing between Manisa Train Station and Manisa State Hospital, which is in constant danger. Level crossing between Manisa Station and Manisa State Hospital [more…]


Cable Car Construction Works in Çanakkale

Teleferik Construction Works in Çanakkale Continues: At Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, infrastructure works are underway for the ropeway planned to be relieved for transportation. Bursa Teleferik has been given by a team including the Faculty of Communication. [more…]


Raysever Poet

Cemeteries and not museums need railways As many railway vehicles as possible can be preserved and memorized in the memory of generations of different ages Poet Güntürk ÜSTÜN Similar Railway Road and Cable Car NewsRaysever Poet Greetings [more…]