01 Adana

Kiremithane-Toprakkale train test work begins

Kiremithane-Toprakkale train test work begins: Today at 11:00, train test work with the number 65576/65575 between Kiremithane and Toprakkale begins. DE 24000 + E68000 will go between Adana and Kiremithane and then E 68007 will start the tests.

16 Bursa

Regular cruise time will be online

Regular voyages will be available online: Regular Flights Information System (DSBS), which is included in the “Reduction of Bureaucracy and Stationery ec Project, is developed and implemented by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Transportation and Shipping [more…]


Soma Logistics Center Report Completed

Soma Logistics Center Report Completed: the mining disaster that took place in the year 2014 Manisa sitting on Turkey's agenda Soma district to increase the sectoral diversity and the district prepared to contribute to the economy, 'Soma Logistics Center [more…]

35 Izmir

Smart card system sheds on minibuses in Izmir

Smart card system for minibuses in İzmir is on the shelf: The project to include minibuses in smart card system in urban transportation in İzmir has been shelved. The minibus inspecting the results of the test application, “Passenger with this average fare [more…]

49 Germany

Only women's wagons arrive in Germany

Only women's wagons come to Germany: Central German Regional Railways announced that special sections for women will be allocated on trains Special women's trains will be allocated between Lepzig and Chemnitz cities in eastern Germany [more…]

06 Ankara

EGO Drivers Given Terror Training

Terrorism Training is Provided to EGO Drivers: Bus drivers of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of EGO are given awareness raising seminars against terror and terrorist attacks. Ankara under the name of “Urban Security, Youth and Conscious Future” [more…]