34 Istanbul

Land Train in Tuzla

Kara Tren in Tuzla: Kara Tren, brought from the Usak Railway Station by Tuzla Municipality to be exhibited in the district, started to host its guests and enthusiasts with its 74 annual history. State Railways of the Republic of Turkey for many years and load [more…]

Intercity Railways

Palu district wants level crossing

He wants a neighborhood level crossing in Palu district: In Palu district of Elazığ, he wants a controlled level crossing because the railroad separates the two neighborhoods. On the railway that separates the Bazaar and the New Neighborhood in Palu, the residents of the neighborhood [more…]


Metrobus in Istanbul

Metrobus Skein in Istanbul: Metrobus has been used extensively to avoid getting stuck in traffic that has become increasingly inextricable in Istanbul. Long queues have been formed in Avcılar Central University Campus. Istanbul is becoming increasingly inextricable traffic [more…]


Raysever Poet

Perfect regional high-speed trains, if not cooperated with the railway, the railway has not reached the fraternity of the high-speed trains all the country Şair Güntürk ÜSTÜN