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Kars Picnic Places | Kars Picnic Areas

With the warming of the weather, many people who want to go out to nature throw themselves in the recreation areas. There are many picnic areas to visit in Kars. In our Kars picnic areas article, Picnic Areas where you can have a good time with your loved ones, [more…]

Young People Will Walk for the Martyrs of Sarikamis
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Youth will march for Sarıkamış Martyrs

On the 108th anniversary of the Sarıkamış Operation, the Ministry of Youth and Sports will organize a Loyalty March for the Martyrs of Sarıkamış with the slogan "We are always on the same track". In the Ministry's traditional "Sarıkamış Martyrs' Commemoration Program," thousands of young people said, "We always [more…]

Martyrs of Sarikamis to be Commemorated in the Pearl Year of the Operation
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The Story of Sarikamis Martyrs

Between 1914 and 15 December 22, 60 soldiers who participated in the operation to retake Kars from the Russians froze to death in the Allahuekber mountains near Sarıkamış. Enver Pasha, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief, attacked the Russians with great power. [more…]

Eastern Express Freezes From Disaster
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Eastern Express Returned from Disaster!

The Kars-Ankara East Express expedition was disrupted by a rock that broke off from the mountains in Sarıkamış district and fell on the rails. It also prevented an accident that could have been caused by the train driver's early vision of the rock falling on the rails. Kars Train [more…]