RayHaber 29.03.2016 Tender Bulletin

Transport and installation of the transformer located in Eskişehir Gar Field to Hasanbey Logistics Center Yozgat cable car plant prefabrication project YHT Business Class Wagons to be given to passengers in the package of the purchase of wagons Carriage - Wagon Lifting Jack will be taken [more…]

Intercity Railways

Train in Diyarbakir hits 1

1 wounded in Diyarbakir: a person was injured in an accident that occurred as a result of a car crash in Diyarbakir. Car accident in Yenisehir district of Diyarbakir as a result of a car crashed into the car driver injured, large-scale material in the car [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Bridge Blows House Prices in Garipçe

Bridge Blows House Prices in Garipçe: 3. House prices in the village of Garipçe, where the bridge's feet rise, flew. The Bosphorus and bridge view house is owned by Mevlüde Kamburoğlu, the wooden mansion sells 5 million liras. Located at the foot of the Bosphorus to the Black Sea [more…]

20 Denizli

Denizli Teleferik with Snow View Another Beautiful

Denizli Teleferik with Snow View Another Beautiful: Denizli, which enriches the social life of the people of Denizli, in order to spend time in nature with the purpose of the Metropolitan Municipality of the Municipality of the cable car and Bağbaşı plateau, again white [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Basaksehir will benefit the bridge

The bridge will be used by Basaksehir: 3. A large part of the highway project, the bridge is going through Esenyurt district, one of the most important projects carried out in Turkey in recent times is experiencing significant developments in the North Marmara Motorway. General Directorate of Highways [more…]

01 Adana

Metro tortured in Adana

Metro was tortured in Adana. Remove the 153 Alo Municipality line. Don't make us nervous. Complaints about the new ring voyages were poured. No wearer. This is our complaint from Bora. Two instead of three wagons during busy hours [more…]

34 Istanbul

Meireles Metrobus Exposure Becomes Event

Meireles Metrobüs Exposure Was an Event: Fenerbahce football player, family, riding with the family under the metrobüse shared a photo "Family is better than spending time with the family," he said. One of the supporters of Fenerbahce "500 T reis?" He asked. Long lasting in Fenerbahçe [more…]

Intercity Railways

Kizilirmak Bridge Will Pass Railway

Railroad from the Kızılırmak Bridge will also pass: The Mayor of Sivas Sami Aydın's presentation of the project Image of the bridge project Sami Aydın's explanations The proj prestigious eyi bridge will be built on Kızılırmak The Mayor of Sivas Aydın: mak Many such as highway, railway, pedestrian and bicycle path [more…]