X-Ray Period in İzmir Metro and İZBAN Stations

X-Ray Period in İzmir Metro and İZBAN Stations: Security measures are kept at the highest level in Izmir after the terrorist incidents. X-Ray devices are installed in the Metro and İZBAN stations. In addition, civilian police officers continue to provide security at all piers and stations.
Following the treacherous terrorist attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, super security measures are being implemented in Izmir. At the Adnan Menderes Airport, double security control system was reintroduced and the security of the subway and İZBAN stations, ferry ports, bus stations, shopping centers and courthouses were increased. In the meantime, a further important decision was taken at the Provincial Security Council meeting to reinforce these security measures. Provincial Police Chief Celal Uzunkaya, all the metro and İZBAN stations in the city and the ferry port X-Ray devices were decided to be placed. Uzunkaya stated that they met with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu and they said they received the promise that Kocaoğlu will receive X-Ray devices in a very short time. Uzunkaya, train and ferry to go through these devices expressed that the embarkation.
İzmir police took security measures at the ferry ports, subway and İZBAN stations, shopping malls, bus stations, bazaars, marketplaces and stops. In this context, plainclothes police officers were placed in all the piers and stations. Meanwhile, many citizens, "Stations and ferry ports with detectors can not be made enough to search" complaints were taken upon arrival.
Governor Mustafa Land, as well as the Provincial Security Director Celal Uzunkaya attended the Provincial Security Board meeting in the city with all the metro and İZBAN stations and ferry ports to the airport, as well as XRay devices were decided to be placed. Uzunkaya stated that they talked with President Aziz Kocaoğlu about this, Kocaoglu'nun said that the necessary device purchases will be made immediately. Uzunkaya, "If you want to be trained by expert police officers to control these devices will be trained," he said.
Uzunkaya said, ler Our people avoid the bazaars and the streets for the safety of their lives; they also create space for terror without realizing and support the targets of terrorism. We are at your duty to ensure the best possible way of security of our people's lives and property 24 hours. As long as our citizens will help the security officers under all circumstances, they should share with us every suspicious thing they see and hear. Yeter

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