Karşıyakaseawater drained to tram line in Istanbul

Karşıyakaseawater leaking to the tram line in Istanbul is being discharged:Karşıyakafound a temporary solution to the water problem on the tram line in progress. Seawater seeped into the region by the soil was set to prevent the spread of water to the route. Leaking sea water, on the other hand, was discharged to the sewer located parallel to the small channel opened.
Karşıyakasea ​​water leaking into the pit on the tram line, which is under construction in Turkey, started to be discharged to the sewer with the opened channel. Officials, Cemal Gürsel Street tram line for the excavated area leaking and creating a puddle of sea water cleaned by pulling. A channel was opened near the seawater leaked area, and water was evacuated, while a small set of soil was made to prevent the spread of seawater into the pit on the route.

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