First ski academy will be established in Erciyes

The first ski academy will be set up in Erciyes: Erciyes, one of the world's largest organizations with the success of the FIS Snowboard World Cup, has received appreciation from all authorities.
After the championship, the Minister of Culture and Tourism and the Minister of Economy were given presentations on Erciyes. Erciyes `s support for both of the two sides and Erciyes` will be promoted to promote the international said. Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Celik, hosted the world championship is a reference for larger organizations, he said. After the award ceremony of the FIS Snowboard World Cup held in Erciyes, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mahir Ünal and Economy Minister Mustafa Elitaş were given to Erciyes A.Ş. The presentation was made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahid Cıngı. Giving information about the investments made within the framework of Erciyes Master Plan, Cıngı stated that the runways with a length of more than 100 are connected to each other by mechanical facilities. Cıngı, `the world's closest mountain` in accordance with the slogan of transportation ease of Erciyes said.

Mayor Mustafa Çelik said that mechanical facilities in Erciyes were the best facilities in the world. Highlighting the importance of organizing the world championships in Erciyes, President Çelik stated that such championships are a reference for larger championships.

Ministers Unal and Elitaş` to Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits also made presentations b. the only sport that allows stated that the regional development benefits of skiing, the first ski academy will establish in Kayseri in Turkey Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality together with the athletes and said that the academy will grow.

After the presentations, a plaque was given to the managers of the organizations that supported the FIS Snowboard World Championship as a sponsor. Stating that hundreds of millions of people watch Erciyes during the plaque ceremony due to the world championship, Economy Minister Mustafa Elitaş said, “I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and Ski Federation President and sponsor companies for this opportunity. After that, we will try all together to introduce Erciyes to the world. ”

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