Ahmet Piristina's New Car Ferry Met with the People of Izmir

Ahmet Piristina's New Car Ferry met with the residents of Izmir: The new car ferry called Ahmet Piriştina, who died at the beginning of his duty, was put into service with a ceremony attended by CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu. President Aziz Kocaoglu, the Gulf EIA once again on the call, Kılıçdaroğlu, "Izmirli is a privilege," he said.
In order to increase the share of maritime transport in public transportation and to implement the yeni Sea Transportation Development Project N with the aim of renewing the existing fleet with new ships suitable for the use of modern, environmentalist and disabled people, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality introduced the second of the 15 passenger car ship, which was ordered by the 3 after the new cruise ship. President of the late Mayor Ahmet Piriştina who lost his life at the beginning of his duty passenger car ship Republican People's Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the late President Piristina'nın wife Mine Piriştina, daughter Zeynep Piristina, son Buca Mayor Levent Piriştina participated in the ceremony with the participation of the people of Izmir and the ceremony.
Folk dances made the opening speech of the ceremony started the show with CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, "If a mayor of the ruling party in Turkey, I would like to do something if I think, come to Izmir You have to pass a municipal course. I'm not saying this to be bragging as President of the CHP. If Istanbul is making the trip of the metro at three times the price of Izmir, if Ankara is doubling, it is a must to come and take courses here. Our mayors have a characteristic. We give every penny to the public. Her
Being privileged to be from Izmir
Kılıçdaroğlu said that Izmir has made great distances in terms of sea transportation and said:
"Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides. So why not use sea transport enough? Need to pour asphalt to use sea transportation? Need to put traffic lights? Do we need traffic cops? No! Just need science and science. Izmir metropolitan it makes him, I heartily thank him. We all know that Izmir is a bright city and the whole world. Izmir is a place where democrats live free people. Lives here, it may come from anywhere in Turkey, after a while himself, 'I İzmirliyim' he introduces. Being from Izmir is a privilege. İzmir
Ina She told me about Prishtina “
The Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoglu began his speech by commemorating Ahmet Piriştina, who died at the beginning of his term in the 12. President Kocaoğlu reminded that they had made cultural centers and boulevards on behalf of the deceased president. One of them was İzmir City Archive and Museum. Whoever takes a note from the books in the Izmir research and memory center, he will write a note under the book 'Ahmet Piriştina City Archive and Museum' and the name of President Piriştina will be transferred to the generations in books and books. İzmir
Ahmet Piriştina, who took over the passenger ferries from the maritime companies, said that the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, v Ahmet Piriştina, who started the transportation in the Gulf. Osman Kibar is the name of the Grand Canal project, which was planned by the mayors of the time and then planned by the mayors. We are now moving this bar further. The 15 passenger ferry and 3 were both driving the ferry boat and we spent only £ 450 for the transportation of the gulf, and we did not catch the era of maritime transportation, we carried it beyond the age X.
”The EIA has not come for 36 months“
9 underlined the fact that they have been working for the target of the swimable bay for the last three years but they could not get an EIA report for the gulf for three years.
Ük Let's do this project together with TCDD, we thought we could save the harbor while cleaning the gulf. But we're still waiting for the EIA report. Now they can say 'missing'. No missing documents are required for three years. The paperwork is not invented. Once the document is requested, it is completed and then decided. But it was not decided. I appeal to all the authorities here: In order for the İzmir Bay to be able to float by leaving other accounts as soon as possible, it is necessary to give up this EIA report to make the tourism sector leap. EIA reports are given in 15 days in one week. Everyone will put his hand on his conscience; we will respect the scientific work we do and respect the EIA report as soon as possible. Before we even got the EIA report, we even took our digger ships to clean the bay. Now we are working on the left to rehabilitate Homa Dalyan. Şimdi
Mayor Kocaoglu, Izmir Rail system related to the current and the project was transferred information about.
İzmir loves Piriştina
The son of the late President Ahmet Piriştina, who spoke on behalf of the Piriştina Family at the ceremony, said:
An This is the story of a man who came to the city and came to the city from the Balkans and has been in possession of the city since the first day. But the main heroes that strengthen the story; contemporary, democratic, adopted the principles and reforms of Ataturk was Izmir. Ahmet Piriştina, who led this success, who continue this story even after his death with the same function. Not every politician would have had this. I would like to thank Mr. General and President Aziz Kocaoğlu for my family. A
In ”Kubilay it and” Sait Altınordu “
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality imiz Hasan Tahsin ini was put into service in October last year. Now there is a 'Kubilay' car ferry that is completed by the construction works. The new 9, which also operates the 10 from the new cruise ships. Sait Altinordu 's ship to the city in April, continues to work to bring.
These ships are very special
The 3 new car ferry, built by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, was built on the same property. On ships with full electronic control system and maneuverability, which stand out in many different aspects; All decks and passenger lounges are designed to be used by physically handicapped and visually impaired and infant passengers. Warning and orientation signs are written in Braille Alphabet with relief for the visually impaired. In addition, the floor coverings were furnished to the use of visually impaired passengers. In the passenger lounge, the section for the safe journey of citizens with wheelchairs is reserved. In addition, the ships have 2 lifts suitable for disabled people. The new car passenger ships have an independent lattice of 3 units for the pets of the fish lovers. The 2 çocuklar 5 encircled playground for children aged 10. There are also 10 pieces of bicycles and 5 motorcycle parking spaces. XNUMX toilet, buffet and cold hot drinks are sold for the needs of passengers. Ships have information screens, TV broadcasts and wireless internet equipment.

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