Izmir Model Coming to Transportation

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, the driver came together with the tradesmen in Kemalpaşa told the new system they work on public transportation. The answer questions Minibus Kocaoglu, this model will be an example to Turkey stating "Our priority is the survival and protection of the driver trades," he said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu visited the Kemalpaşa district and met with the members of the Busman Cooperative and Kemalpasalılar Association, and explained the new model they had been working on in public transportation for a long time and listened their opinions and suggestions. Public transport services that unions and cooperatives of the Metropolitan under the roof and Metropolitan of the new system will serve on criteria not only in Izmir Mayor Kocaoglu said a new breath would bring the transportation system in Turkey, "Our driver shopkeepers brother both to destruction of both jobs more disciplined, more organized they will be involved in a system that will work and earn more. çalış The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality received full support from the minibus shopkeepers.

It will be an example for Turkey
Mayor Kocaoglu, Kemalpasa Bus Coaches Cooperative Chairman Celal Cetin and the members of the Cooperative said at the meeting: legal support for this system, which will make the journey more comfortable, the age and quality of the vehicle, clothes and training of the driver will be supervised by the Municipality. Now it's time to practice. The plans reflect what we can pitch successfully, for example Turkey, we will have achieved a model, "he said.

“When my presidency ends ..“
CHP İzmir Deputy Atilla Sertel and CHP Kemalpaşa District President Mehmet Ayçil accompanied by President Kocaoğlu said: p We started a pilot application in Seferihisar. 52 kilometers between Seferihisar and Üçkuyular. When the citizen rides from Seferihisar, the validator at the entrance of the minibus will cut 5.5. If the distance to land is 15 kilometers down the door to the validator to read the card again and will get back the 2,5. But if the 16 mileage, the 5,5 will take the lira. Now we're doing the latest work on this model. There will be no municipal buses on the lines where the drivers of the drivers we include in the system work. I'm not a mayor to play with anyone's bread. On the contrary, I am doing this job to raise the bread of my citizens. My mayor's office has a dignity. Tomorrow when the day after this task when you see me when you see 'salamünaleyküm' you will come next to me, or will you turn your back? This is an important. I'm trying to do the job so that my citizen won't turn around when he sees me. The continuation of the works of my friends who carry public transport, maintaining the existence of the driver tradesman is a priority for me. Toplu

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