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38 Ukrayna

Şevki Acuner's New Mission in Ukraine

Between the years 2013- 2018, Mr. Şevki Acuner, who served as the Ukrainian Director of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, has appointed Ukraine as a member of the Supervisory Board of Ukrzaliznitsa. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Ukraine [more…]


Mersin Smart Stops Protect from Cold and Cold

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality offers modern, air-conditioned smart stops that will protect Mersin residents from the heat of summer and cold of winter. The first air-conditioned smart stops placed at Yaşat İş Hanı stop are at the service of citizens as soon as possible. [more…]


End of Bridge Construction at Cemetery Junction

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues its works in transportation with road and bridge extensions. Metropolitan Municipality who wants to relieve the heavy traffic flow; Expanding the bridge at the Cemetery Junction (on the Silk Road) to minimize the traffic density on the Silk Road [more…]

16 Bursa

Free Access to KPSS Exam

Stating that Turkey's high quality and the need to work with government officials Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, said that young people should not trust Turkey. President Aktaş, KPSS day to take the exam free transportation [more…]

16 Bursa

YKS to the students from Bursa Metropolitan

In Bursa, 30 June and 1 July Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) will enter all the students 'public transport' will benefit free of charge. Prepared for university young people, a good news before the exam came from the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]