6 Drivers who prevent the right to transfer in Antalya

6 Public Transportation Penalty for Disqualification from Transportation to 6 Drivers that Prevent the Right to Transfer in Antalya: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Planning and Rail System Department has banned 7 public transportation vehicles for XNUMX days, which were found to be denied the right of transfer of full and discount card holders.
Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems continues its inspections to ensure that citizens benefit from public transportation without any interruption. The drivers who act outside the regulations are not allowed to open their eyes. The teams that evaluate the complaints of citizens, punishes the public transport vehicles and drivers that cause the victimization.
In the public transport, full and discounted card holders were prevented from transferring the right of transfer and the crews who acted upon the complaints of the boarding pass, and in the examination, it was determined that some of the vehicle drivers had prevented the transfer of passengers by pressing the full or tariff button.
With this application, 12 citizens were found to be victims. The 60 public transport vehicle, which prevented passengers from taking advantage of the transfer by entering the full or tariff button on the first boarding of the 6 minutes and the second boarding passes within minutes, was subjected to the non-performance penalty for seven days as required by the Regulation on Public Transport Vehicles.
The Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems announced that the inspections were carried out to ensure that the citizens do not suffer from public transport.

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