Turkey's first indigenous tram and metro vehicles to the great interest in Berlin

Turkey's first indigenous tram and metro vehicles to the great interest in Berlin: Turkey's first indigenous tram and metro vehicles off the world stage. Durmazlar The Holding embraces the world in Innotrans 2014, the world's largest rail systems fair, with the two-way model of the Silkworm tram and a new light rail system vehicle Green City (LRV).

Silkworm, the 7th tram brand in the world, is ready for its big and important journey that it will meet with the world again. which is held every two years and this year's 12th edition will be held in Berlin InnoTrans 2014 fair, which will take place in the first tram Silkworm brands in Turkey; continues its competition with world giants in its sector with determined steps.


Domestic vehicle production starting with the rail system to 2009 years, Turkey's first domestic rail vehicle which 100 percent low-floor tram Silkworm design and production Durmazlar The Holding added a two-way model of the Silkworm tram and a new light rail vehicle Green City to its product range. Countdown has started for the promotion of two new models to be showcased at Innotrans 23, the world's largest rail system fair to be held in Berlin between 26-2014 September.


Durmazlar The Holding Chairman Huseyin Durmaz 'we enter the year 2009 rail vehicles in the industry R & D and we are continuing without interruption to production activities, our goal is to provide the necessary contribution as a holding company to reach Turkey's 2023 export target.' 'He said. Durmaz summarized the process as follows: 'We started the design of the Silkworm tram in 2009. After the 2,5 year-long product development process, we completed the 1 year-long homologation tests in order to verify compliance with the standards by producing the first vehicle and our vehicle passed all tests successfully. The 2013 tram that we delivered to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in 6 works successfully. We didn't stop after, we added another 2 model to our product range by targeting both domestic and foreign markets. One of these is the two-way Silkworm tramway, and the other is the Green City, a high-based lightweight subway vehicle. We have also completed the production and testing of this new 2 new vehicle and will be exhibiting at the Innotrans 2014 in Berlin. Not only that, the year 2015 is 2. We have made the necessary plans for the design of a local subway vehicle in the quarter and we will have completed our urban rail system vehicle product range with this vehicle. '


Hüseyin Durmaz, emphasizing the importance of the national brand, '' Our goal is to create a brand that will be accepted not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets by designing and producing the rail system vehicles of our country. We are preparing to participate in tenders in Europe with the green metro vehicle Green City, which we will exhibit at the fair. Our country has a production infrastructure created due to the automotive industry, so we can easily compete with European manufacturers in terms of quality and cost. However, we need to create our own brand not only by producing. Foreign capital goes from our country when the conditions change or are not suitable. Examples of this happened in our country. However, as domestic capital, we were born in this country, we existed with this country and we will continue to work for this country regardless of the conditions. ”


stating that for 60 years in Turkey that exports 80 percent of production they are doing and production in the machinery sector Huseyin Durmaz, our government is located in the target year of 2023 '$ 500 billion export and to close the current account deficit,' 'rail systems in order to contribute to achieving the objectives stated they targeted the market as continued. '' As the private sector, we are ready to do our part for the 2023 targets, but our government should support this initiative of the private sector. We are pleased to see that the production of national tanks, national ships and national aircraft in the defense industry is supported by our government. Again, works are carried out for the domestic car in line with the vision put forward by our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Rail systems are also critical to achieving our government's 2023 goals. Because the next decade we're just talking about a $ 25 billion market in Turkey. As the private sector, we must work together in line with the interests of our country on this road that we set out with our own resources. Thus, we can reach 2023 billion dollars export and current account deficit targets which are in 500 targets.


Durmazlar Sabahattin Ara, Deputy General Manager of Rail Systems, stated that the 5 rate of domesticity reached 67% in line with the plan they made when they departed 75 years ago; '' Our goal is to increase the rate of locality further. For this, we attach importance to supplier support and development activities. ' Sabahattin Ara pointed out that domestic production provides technology transfer and important know-how is formed in this field; '' Today in China, the 2017 percent of the indigenous requirement, 80 in Russia is targeted to reach the domestic percent 65, South Africa XNUMX percent domestic condition, there is a similar policy of increasing the localization rate should be applied in our country. We aim to contribute significantly to the national economy thanks to the domestic production of both our main suppliers and our suppliers. '' He gave information about the contribution of domestic production to the national economy.

Sabahattin Ara said that in cooperation with the French Alstom, one of the most important rail vehicle vehicle manufacturers in the world, they produced high-speed train bogies and exported to abroad. In this way, technology transfer was made and products with high added value were provided.


Durmazlar R & D Center is the first R & D center established in the machinery sector in our country. Durmazlar Ahmet Civan, General Manager of Rail Systems, stated that thanks to the power of R & D center, the success of rail system vehicle design and software, analysis, bogie, body and interior-exterior trim design was done by local engineers. Mercury; 'Our 75 engineer works in our R & D center. We had many years of know-how in software industry. We have developed and will continue to build this know-how by developing this knowledge in the software of rail system tools. Not only is production sufficient, we have developed an important know-how in vehicle master control software, analysis, mechanics and body design and vehicle homologation tests with the new model 5 we have developed over the last 3 years. '




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