Elvan, Turkey has made statements about 2023 targets in transport

Elvan, Turkey made a statement regarding transportation in the 2023 targets: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, TRT Haber Beyond's statements in the program. Elvan answers TRU News, News and Sports Publishing Department Head Nasuhi Güngör and Serhat Akça's questions regarding the agenda.

Minister Elvan, who gave information about the highway works, stated that on the motorways, the 2023 target is to complete the highway projects connecting the north to the south and the west to the east.

Answering a question about the Eurasia Project, Elvan stated that a thousand meters were approached under the sea and that it will be completed in May. Giving the information that the work on the connection roads outside the tunnel passes without interruption, Elvan said, “We will not only be content with the Eurasian tunnel, we have surprises. We will have roads under the ground. ”He said that there will be an explanation in the coming days.

Stating that they know that there are problems in transportation in Istanbul, Elvan gave information about the Northern Marmara Highway Project. Emphasizing that the project is continuing rapidly, Elvan said that they are not satisfied with this, and they will also be the tender for the highways from Akyazı to Kocaeli, from Tekirdağ to Kınalı.

Explaining that the concreting works of both towers have been completed on Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is part of the project, Elvan said, “We will have completed the bridge legs by the end of the year. The tensioning of the steel ropes will start as in January-February. We will have seen the silhouette of the bridge until the elections. I hope we will have completed by the end of 2015 ”.


Elvan also responded to the question regarding the high-speed train works, and said that they are working on high-speed train projects in different provinces.

Stating that there are studies linking İzmir both to the north and the south, Elvan stated that there are also studies linking Istanbul to the Mediterranean.

Underlining that they want to connect the inner parts to the ports and that there are projects in this direction, Elvan said that a YHT line, which reaches Konya, Karaman, Ulukışla, Adana and Mersin, has been started especially for cargo transportation. Stating that there is also a YHT line project that reaches Adana from Samsun, Elvan said that another line will extend from Gaziantep to Habur Border Gate. Reminding that the export to Iraq is high, Elvan said, “Now the products produced in Gaziantep, Mersin, Adana, Ankara, Şanlıurfa will reach Habur by high-speed train. We will focus on high-speed train on the north-south, east-west axis. Our YHT studies on the Ankara-Sivas line continue and we will complete them quickly. After Sivas, we will have a line that extends to Erzincan and Kars. In the west from Kapıkule HalkalıWe will have completed the line up to ".


Providing information on the 3rd airport project under construction, Elvan said that the number of passengers in Istanbul increased by 20 million in one year to 80 million. He said that 60 million of this is from Atatürk Airport and 20 million of them are from Sabiha Gökçek Airport.

  1. In a question about what will be the Atatürk Airport with the completion of the airport, Elvan said that he will continue to be used by private and cargo aircraft.
  2. Stating that Istanbul will become one of the world's centers in aviation with the construction of the airport, Elvan also gave information about Ordu-Giresun Airport, which is under construction. Stating that the project is an exemplary project in the world, Elvan said: “We are building in the sea. Our work continues. We will open it as of the end of March 2015, maybe we can pull forward. Hopefully our citizens will be able to use before the election. The first airport built at sea. ”


Turkey Project Space Agency announced yesterday reminded, "When we meet the first Turkish astronaut, when we first Turkish astronaut sent into space?" He answered a question, reminding that the establishment of the Minister Elvan Space Agency was included in the government program. Stating that they are working hard for the establishment of the agency, Elvan stated that the opinions of the relevant institutions and ministries were received. Elvan said that after the completion of the work, it will be presented to the Council of Ministers.

Space studies have stated that Turkey's Elvan at the desired point, "There are too dispersed structure. TÜBİTAK, TÜRKSAT, TUSAŞ and ASELSAN have some works. We see that there are different studies in different institutions. By establishing the Space Agency, we aim to manage policies related to space and aviation on a single roof. ”

6-satellite Elvan said they would completely produced by Turkish engineers in Turkey, Ankara's Kazan district that will include the establishment of the satellite is produced and gave the information to be made of the opening in November.

Stating that the work on the regional aircraft project is continuing, Elvan said, “Our research and development studies for space and aviation will increase and we will allocate funds. "Astronaut," you said, I will not be able to give a clear answer to this right now, but we will have a lot of scientists working in space. "

Minister Elvan also stated that with the establishment of the Space Agency, these scientists will work in a more coordinated way.

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