tcdd ticket where to buy and how to get the eastern express ticket
Intercity Railways

TCDD e-ticket Getting Easier

TCDD e-ticket purchase is easy: Electronic Passenger Ticket Sales System (EYBİS) of TCDD General Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications is now easier to buy tickets. Thus unnecessary ticketing, control costs and time [more…]

34 Istanbul

Large density in the Metrobus line

Large density on the Metrobus line: Due to the density on the Metrobus line, passengers walked down the E-5 highway before the vehicles entered the station. There was a serious intensity on the Metrobus line in the morning. Especially from the Asian side to Europe [more…]


Railway reform book

Railway reform book: The European Community of Railways and Infrastructure Companies (CER) is Europe's leading railway organization. European Union ", the candidate of the countries (Croatia, Macedonia and Turkey) and also from the Western Balkan countries, Norway and Switzerland" to 70 [more…]