35 Izmir

The new wagons of the Izmir subway depart

Izmir metro's new wagons are on the way: 10 train sets consisting of 2 wagons ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality were completed in the factory in China. 10 wagons ordered by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to be used in the expanding metro system [more…]


Arinc Heromarasa high speed train

Arınç High-speed train will come to Kahramanmaraş: Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç stated that Kahramanmaraş has become an industrial city rather than just an agricultural city and that high-speed train will also come to the city. Arınç, with the participation of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu [more…]


TCDD Made Again

TCDD Again Relief Made: For a long time since the start of the train services TCDD Regional Directorate of Tekirdag, which is in talks with Çerkezköy District Governor Metin Kubilay stated that the promise given for the second time was not settled. TCDD 1st Region [more…]

34 Istanbul

The sound of the Metrobus Rose Selcuk

The voice of the metrobus Gül Selçuk: The owner of the voice familiar in the ears of 5 million people, Gül Selçuk said that she is happy to be in touch with people every day with her voice reaching millions. With sound synthesis technology in public transport in Istanbul [more…]


Samsun Governor Şahin Must be a fast train

Samsun Governor Şahin High-speed train must be absolutely: Samsun Governor İbrahim Şahin, who spoke at the Economic Summit in Samsun, said, “Samsun should definitely meet with high-speed train. Such an important transportation vehicle must be brought together with Samsun. ” [more…]


Mersin Monorail Project

Mersin Monorail Project: The "Monorail Project" of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which is new in the world in the name of public transportation, seems very modern and sympathetic at first glance. These types of projects today; by various methods such as metro, light rail systems and tramway. [more…]

34 Istanbul

This metrobus stop is different from the others

This metrobus stop is different from the others: Vatan Stop, which is between Edirnekapı and Bayrampaşa metrobus stops, is not used. The pedestrian roads leading to the overpass for the stop end with highway barriers. Citizens who are unaware that the stop is not used while passing the highway [more…]

Intercity Railways

Asyaport Commission harbor back ground land and railroad

Asiaport Commission port back field road and railroad: Süleymanpaşa Mayor Ekrem Eşkinat attended the Asiaport Commission meeting, which was established under the presidency of Süleymanpaşa District Governor Kamil Kıcıroğlu and previously examined in Mersin and Samsun. President Eşkinat [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray 1 Years

Marmaray is 1 year old: Marmaray, which connects two continents under the Bosphorus, will be in its first year on October 29. 1 million passengers used Marmaray for 50 year. While 100 thousand trips were made in total, 1 million 400 thousand kilometers were covered. [more…]

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966 Saudi Arabia

Jeddah to connect to other regions with the new train line

Jeddah will be connected to other regions with the new train line: It has been reported that the 660-kilometer-long coastal railway line that will connect the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to the Cezan region has been approved. With the project to be carried out by the Saudi Railway Organization, economic and commercial activities between the two regions [more…]

22 Edirne

Sivasa rapid Silk Road line from Edirne

High-speed train lines are getting longer: Edirne is the new route of YHT from Ankara to Sivas, Izmir and Bursa. With Marmaray HalkalıThe line to be combined in Istanbul will form a second railway corridor parallel to the Silk Road train line. Of the train line [more…]

965 Iraq

Iraq's new cars from Turkey

Iraq's new cars from Turkey: Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) completed six cars built by the end of this month will be delivered to the Iraqi authorities. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, to be produced by Turkey of Iraq's new train set [more…]


High-speed train line is growing rapidly

High-speed train line is growing rapidly: Turkey in investment in the rail transport in recent years, forcing to be among the few countries in Europe. Turkey in investment in the rail transport in recent years, forcing to be among the few countries in Europe. To the high speed rail track [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Statement by TCDD for the claim that they left Thrace without a train

TCDD made a statement on the claim that they left Thrace without a train: It was stated by the General Directorate of TCDD that the passengers were transported by the Bulgarian Railway Administration between Kapıkule-Dimitrovgrad-Kapıkule due to road works on the Bulgarian railways. In the written statement made by TCDD General Directorate; a corner today [more…]