The highest allowance in SOEs

Highest allowance in SEEs: TCDDye: The highest allowance offer ceiling among the Public Economic Enterprises (SEEs) in the preparations for the 2015-2017 investment program carried out by the Ministry of Development is 5 billion [more…]


Overcoming Obstacles with Bridge

The Obstacles were Overcome with the Bridge: The bridge built by the Niğde Special Provincial Administration in the village of Koçak in the Ulukışla district of Niğde became the hope of disabled siblings. The headman of Koçak Village Cumali Yavuz [more…]


2016 with minibuses

Card period in minibuses in 2016: The news that will make Istanbul people happy came from the metropolitan area. Work was initiated to get on the minibuses by Istanbulcard. The application will be implemented in all minibuses until 2016. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]