Commuter Trains

Kuskan asks: What happened to commuter trains

Kuşkan asks: What happened to the commuter trains. CHP Provincial Chairman Yalçın Kuşkan, Kuşkan who made evaluations about two issues that concern our city at a weekly press conference, due to the resignations of the extraordinary congress of Çayırova District 18 October [more…]


The highest allowance in SOEs

Turkish Railways phot the highest allocations in the kit: Development Ministry conducted 2015 2017-term investment program in preparation for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) between the Republic of Turkey with the highest appropriation ceilings States 5 billion pounds [more…]

Asphalt News

Tender of 70 Thousand Ton Asphalt Done

70 Thousand Tons of Asphalt Tender: Van central Ipekyolu Municipality continues the asphalt work on the one hand, while 70 has made the tender of one thousand tons of asphalt. İpekyolu Municipality has carried out asphalt works in many neighborhoods. [more…]