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Latest 22 Meters in Third Bridge Towers

Last 22 Meters in Third Bridge Towers: The construction of the 3rd Bridge to be built on the Bosphorus within the scope of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project is continuing rapidly. The height of the bridge between Garipçe and Poyrazköy will be 322 meters. Towers average per day [more…]

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Road Construction And Zero Asphalt Works

Road Opening and Zero Asphalt Work in Halicilar Site: Şehitkamil Municipality continues road works and zero asphalt works in places that are missing in Halicilar Site. Mayor Rıdvan Fadıloğlu, who examined road opening and zero asphalt work on site, Carpet Makers [more…]

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Alikahyada Roads Paved

Roads were Asphalted in Alikahya: The asphalt works of Izmit Municipality are continuing in different parts of the city. Asphalt works were also carried out in Alikahya region by the Directorate of Science. Authorities said that the streets of Aslan and Gülşah in Alikahya Atatürk District were paved from the ground up. 360 in the study [more…]

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Neighborhood Roads Asphalted

Neighborhood Roads Asphalted Covered: Covered Municipality of Tekirdag, began to pave the way of new neighborhoods. Due to the large-scale construction of Tekirdağ, the project started in Karlı, Panarça, Uzunhacı, Bahçeağıl, Yanıkağıl and Karaağaç. On roads leading to neighborhoods [more…]

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Bolvadinde asphalt mobilization

Asphalt mobilization in Bolvad: In the district of Bolvadin of Afyonkarahisar, it was reported that the biggest asphalt work of recent years was carried out by the municipality. Deputy Mayor Mustafa Kullap, who made statements on the subject, said that the seasonal conditions of the road works concentrated on the main streets that have not been asphalted for years [more…]

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Iskenderun Municipality does not stop on asphalt

İskenderun Municipality does not take a break on asphalt: İskenderun Municipality continues its road and asphalt works without slowing down. The teams of the Directorate of Technical Affairs, who continue their asphalt works, are striving to deliver services to the most remote corners of the city. In the neighborhood of Modern Houses [more…]

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Manisada 80 Million Lira Paving to Be Done

80 million lira of asphalting will be done in Manisa: It has been reported that the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality will carry out an 2015 million lira of asphalting work throughout the province as of the beginning of 80. The Provincial Coordination Board meeting was chaired by Governor Erdoğan Bektaş in the meeting room of Şehzadeler District Governorship. [more…]

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Ekrem Çetin Mahallesi Asphalt Works

Ekrem Çetin Mahmud Asphalt Works: At the end of the works in Ekrem Çetin Mahallesi, while the asphalt works of Kilis Municipality continue. Mayor Hasan Kara closely followed the works of Deputy Mayor Mehmet Ali Eryılmaz [more…]


Armutlu Road Will Be In 2016

Armutlu Road will be completed in 2016: Mehmet Yazıcıoğlu, Deputy Regional Director of Highways 14th, said that the Yalova-Armutlu highway will be completely finished in mid-2016. Yazıcıoğlu said that the work on the highway connecting Yalova and its district Armutlu is continuing. 45 kilometers of road [more…]


Death Path Danger

Danger of Death Path: Hakkarili construction technician Yalcin Aalal, his father lost the accident in the street around 7 for nearly a year was not taken any measures. At the intersection of 7 separate road at the crossroads of Dağgöl District Relationship Sancar Street [more…]


3. Last 22 Meter in Bridge Towers

The Last 22 Meters in Bridge Towers: The construction of the 3rd Bridge to be built on the Bosphorus within the scope of the Northern Marmara Motorway Project is continuing rapidly. The height of the bridge that is under construction between Garipçe and Poyrazköy will be 322 meters. Towers average 2 per day [more…]


Galata Bridge disappeared

Galata Bridge disappeared: It turned out that 74 meters of the historical bridge to the Golden Horn disappeared. 74 meters of the historical Galata Bridge, one of the most important symbols of the city, is missing! According to the news of Serkan Akkoç from Habertürk Newspaper, 22 years ago [more…]

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When to open Sakarya-Kocaeli-Istanbul suburbs

When does the Sakarya-Kocaeli-Istanbul suburban flights open: When does the commuter services start between Sakarya, Kocaeli and Istanbul? While TCDD officials did not give dates about the suburban flights between Sakarya, Kocaeli and Istanbul, which thousands of employees and students are eagerly awaiting, [more…]


Pedestrian overpasses in Malatya

Elevators are being built on pedestrian overpasses in Malatya: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality also builds elevators for the pedestrian overpasses built by the Highways on the ring road, especially for the use of elderly and disabled citizens. Transport planning for vehicle and pedestrian safety [more…]


President Yilmaz explained the ongoing project BRT

Mayor Yılmaz explained the ongoing metrobus project: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz made a statement about the metrobus project that will extend to Tekkeköy District and the works to be done in Samsun. Service with the participation of businessmen from Samsun [more…]

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86 China

$ 24.5 billion in rail and airport move from China

$ 24.5 billion in rail and airport move from China: Projects worth 150 billion yuan ($ 24.5 billion) have been approved for airport and railway construction in China. Planned to support growth in the country, according to the announcement made by the economic planning agency in China [more…]


Malatya Urban Railway Line Revision Project

Malatya Urban Railway Line Revision Project: Yeşilyurt Municipality has organized a press conference on what they do and what they will do. Many members of the press attended the meeting. Yeşilyurt Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat's press conference after the speeches [more…]

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9 Injured In The Tram Stop In Jerusalem

Vehicle Dives into Tram Stop in Jerusalem 9 Injured: In Jerusalem, a Palestinian driver hit the people at the tram stop and 3 people were injured, 9 of them serious. Turkey Hill tram stop of a car entering the Immunitio of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem Consulate General also found that, [more…]