Trabzon Silk Road Businessmen Summit Has Begun

Trabzon Silk Road Businessmen Summit has begun: The event, which was held in Trabzon and attended by businessmen from 21 countries, aimed to improve relations between countries by discussing various sectors. Organized with the support of the Ministry of Economy and 21 [more…]

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1 America

Evolution of trains

The evolution of trains: Unlike steam and diesel trains, high-speed trains that serve in some parts of the world today are less harmful to the environment. Railways, 200 has been part of civilization for more than a year. the xnumx'l [more…]


Historic Sycamore Saved the Walkway

Historic Cinaras Saved the Walking Path: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Assembly in October, issues of interest to our city were discussed, no doubt. However, Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

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Üsküdar Square Flood Solution

Flooding Solution to Üsküdar Square: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has reportedly started the improvement works of Çavuşderesi to protect Üsküdar Square from flooding. Uskudar Square, due to the works that will last for 3 days in 130 stage, [more…]