34 Istanbul

New subway to historic peninsula

New subway to the historical peninsula: A new metro line is coming to the historical peninsula. Habibler will be the last stop of the line starting from Vezneciler. The project of the line under the Fevzipaşa Street will be prepared by the Spanish IDOM firm. 12 will cost a million pounds 17 [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works from Bitlis Municipality

Asphalt Works from Bitlis Municipality: Bitlis Municipality has been asphalted by the streets and streets that are damaged due to infrastructure works. Mayor Hüseyin Olan, said in a statement to the journalists, the deterioration of roads repair work continued throughout the city, he said. Relaxation of the people [more…]


Scalpel on Old Gemlik Road

Old Gemlik Road clover scalpel: Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Demirtaş'da junkal junction in the region where they made clover junction, will cost 12 million pounds will be completed in the month of the project 4, he said. To relieve urban traffic [more…]


Bridges on the Asar Stream

Bridges on the Asar Stream Reorganized: The municipality will take the bridges over the Asar stream in the south of Düzce. The difference in the elevation in the bridges will be eliminated by the municipality and the construction errors will be corrected. Recently made by DSI on Asar Creek [more…]