34 Istanbul

New subway to historic peninsula

New subway to the historical peninsula: A new subway line comes to the historical peninsula. The last stop of the line that will start from Vezneciler'den Habibler. Spanish İDOM company will prepare the project of the line that will pass under Fevzipaşa Street. 12 [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalt Works from Bitlis Municipality

Bitlis Municipality Asphalt Works: The streets and streets that are deteriorated due to infrastructure works are being paved by Bitlis Municipality. Mayor Hüseyin Olan, told reporters, repairing broken roads spreading the entire city spread [more…]


Governor Kamci, Erkenek Tunnel made investigations

Governor Kamçı made investigations in the Erkenek Tunnel: Malatya Governor Süleyman Kamçı made investigations in the Erkenek Tunnel. According to a written statement from the Governor's Office, Kamçı examined the works in the Erkenek Tunnel on the spot and received information about the works. [more…]


Eurasian Tunnel toll 4 dollar plus VAT

Eurasian Tunnel toll 4 dollar plus VAT: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan came to the construction site of the Eurasian Tube Crossing Project and examined. Minister Elvan, the press after the reviews [more…]


Scalpel on Old Gemlik Road

Old Gemlik Road clover scalpel: Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Demirtaş'da junkal junction in the region where they made clover junction, will cost 12 million pounds will be completed in the month of the project 4, he said. [more…]


Bridges on the Asar Stream

The bridges over the Asar Stream are being rearranged: The bridges on the Asar stream in the south of Düzce will be handed over by the municipality. The difference in the level of bridges will be eliminated by the municipality, construction errors will be corrected. Recently, DSI [more…]