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Spanish delays to Marmaray

The Spanish delays to Marmaray: Marmay connecting the European and Anatolian sides with the tubes under the Bosphorus Halkalıuntil the extension of the project has been suspended because it came to a standstill. According to the news of Aydınlık, Marmaray is waiting for the Istanbulites. Halkalıextension project, [more…]

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TANK model for train purchase

TANK model for train purchase: The details of the government's transformation program in the 25 area are evident. The economy bureaucracy is preparing to coordinate large public procurement from a single center, just like the defense industry. In November the program will be announced as trains and buses [more…]

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UTİKAD Minister of Transportation Elvan

UTIKAD Minister of Transport Elvan and Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, 85 1.000 2014 country beyond the logistics professional who meet at Istanbul XNUMX World Congress of the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association UTIKAD'a [more…]