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Not with Haydarpaşa

Haydarpaşa should not be a servant property: The Minister of Finance repeated that Haydarpaşa station building is in the privatization program. He said privatization revenues reached $ 70 billion. Information published by the Privatization Administration (PA) [more…]

34 Istanbul

Alarm triggered alarm in Marmaras

The alarm caused panic in Marmaray: Citizens who panicked during the alarm that caused warning of the emptying of the platforms competed with each other to go to the beach from Üsküdar station. Intercontinental using Marmaray [more…]


Pelit Square Sidewalk Renovation

Pelit Square Pavements are Renovated: Yakutiye Municipality Science Directorate teams are renovating their pavements in Pelit Square district. Ali Korkut, who examines the pavement, tile and curb works on site, is here [more…]

34 Istanbul

Is it subway or air?

Metro or Havaray: Master Architect Urbanist. Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp is of the opinion that nostalgic tram, light subway and similar narrows and compresses the roads. And Metro's too [more…]

Intercity Railways

Manisada train crash 1 dead

Train accident 1 dead in Manisa: 21-year-old Erkan Şakacılar, who fell on the train tracks, died as a result of the train crash. In Manisa Şehzadeler District, the leg of the alleged [more…]