3. Installation of the bridge

3 Instead of the Dismantled Bridge in Akçakoca Market Place. Installation of the bridge is being done: Within the scope of the river rehabilitation project carried out by the State Hydraulic Works (DSI), 3. The installation of the bridge was started. Bridge Installation [more…]


3.Köprü Motorway tender next week

The 3rd Bridge Highway tender next week: The 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which will be built in Akyazıdan, which will be built in the Bosphorus, and the North Marmara Highway project, which will connect the North and East Marmara, will be tendered next week. [more…]


Signed for Ortacada Bridge

They Collected Signatures for the Bridge in Ortaca: Neighborhood residents who want a bridge to bridge the Dalyan canal, which separates Dalyan District of Ortaca District of MUĞLA and Çandır District of Köyceğiz District, started a petition campaign. in Çandır Neighborhood [more…]


Eskişehir Logistics Summit

Eskişehir Logistics Summit: Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA), Eskişehir Governorship and the "Eskişehir Logistics Summit" organized in cooperation with the Logistics Association has started. BEBKA Chairman of the Board and Bilecik Governor Ahmet Hamdi [more…]

Asphalt News

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality has made 350 Km Paving

350 Km of Asphalting Has Been Done:Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ahmet Çakır, on the group road of Sipahiuşağı, Konducak, Çakırsu, Bostancık, Bağazlı and Günyüzü districts of Arapgir Municipality, the asphalting works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality are on site. [more…]


Kahramanmaras light rail system project on the road

Kahramanmaraş light rail system project is on the way: 6 more buses were put into service within the body of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Services Department. Metropolitan Mayor examining buses in front of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality service building [more…]

34 Istanbul

The subway rebellion from the supporters

Metro revolt by Galatasaray fans: Galatasaray fans, who will have difficulty in going to the stadium due to the fact that the metro does not work in the direction leading to the stadium during the Dortmund match and the Cendere road is closed, organized on the social media and organized on the social media for the Mayor of Istanbul. [more…]


Tram line work in Konya

Tram line works in Konya are aggrieved by students: The trams in the Selcuk University Campus do not work due to the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality on the tram line, making the students aggrieved. The tram line in the Selcuk University Campus is not operated, and the tram [more…]

34 Istanbul

Gebze Haydarpaşa commuter train travels to 2015

Gebze Haydarpaşa Suburban Train Expeditions Left for 2015: The start of suburban services, which were abolished at the beginning of 2011 with the closure of the railway, was left for 2015. At the beginning of 2011, when the High Speed ​​​​Train Project works were started, the railway [more…]


The foundation of TÜDEMSAŞ is 75. anniversary

75th anniversary of the establishment of TÜDEMSAŞ: General Financial Secretary of the Turkish Railway Workers (Demiryol-İş) Union Zeki Karakurt, a congratulatory message for the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Railway Machinery Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) [more…]


Construction started at BUTTIM Junction

Construction has started at BUTTİM Junction: The Metropolitan has accelerated its work to relieve the traffic on Yalova Road. BUTTİM Yoncalı Junction will be opened to traffic in 3 months. THE LAMPS ARE GOING A year later, the traffic lights on the road [more…]