Asphalt News

Herekede asphalt works started

Asphalt works started in Hereke: Körfez Municipality started a hopeful study on the streets and streets of the district. Apart from the large-scale projects realized, taking into consideration the wishes and demands of the people [more…]

Asphalt News

Orhaneli-Bursa Road Invites Invitations

Orhaneli-Bursa Road Invites to Accidents: Harmancık-Orhaneli-Bursa invites new asphalt accidents to the road. Orhaneli-Bursa road three weeks ago by a private company working under the control of highways asphalt poured. Somehow [more…]

Asphalt News

Tuncelide road works

Road works in Tunceli: 2 initiated by the Special Provincial Administration of Tunceli on Tozkoparan, Günboğazı and Yalınkaya group village roads. Completion of asphalt and patch work reported. Written from the Special Provincial Administration of Tunceli [more…]


Yesilyurt Municipality strengthens its vehicle fleet

Yeşilyurt Municipality strengthens its vehicle fleet: Yeşilyurt Municipality continues to strengthen its vehicle fleet in order to provide better service to its citizens. Mayor of Yeşilyurt speaking at the ceremony organized for the acquisition of new vehicles to Yeşilyurt Municipality [more…]

Asphalt News

Solhan villages asphalted

Solhan villages attained asphalt: Kırık Village and Tarhan Village were introduced for the first time. Car owners expressed their satisfaction, villagers said they are very pleased. Asmakaya Village started construction last year [more…]

Asphalt News

Hot Asphalt On OSB Connection Road

Hot Asphalt to OSB Connection Road: Pamukkale Municipality paved the road above the standards which previously had been sold and the businessmen took their customers to their factories by dusty roads. Asphalting and road on the required roads of Pamukkale Municipality [more…]


Çardak Bridge Rising

Çardak Bridge is Rising: The Çardak Bridge, which was built by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs in Pamukova, is in full swing. Adapazarı, which previously undertook renovation works at Söğütlü Akçakamış Bridge [more…]

34 Istanbul

Above the metrobus stop

The overpass above the Metrobus stop is held by iron pipes: D-100 on the highway Bayrampaş- Maltepe metrobus stop, overpasses pedestrians and vehicles, weighing tons of iron railings. Passerby [more…]


Danger of Stray Horse on Highways

Stray horses danger on highways: Stray horses, which are connected to the center of Kars and released by the villagers in the fall season, give drivers a hard time. Horses and geese, especially in the evening and at night [more…]