It Was Not 'Domestic and National': TCDD Had Foreigners Have Its Signaling System

It did not become domestic and national had the tcdd signaling system done by foreigners
It did not become domestic and national had the tcdd signaling system done by foreigners

alienation of Turkey's railway network, entered the Court of Auditors report. In TCDD, 4 kilometers of the 896-kilometer signaling line were built by foreign companies.

The government's 'local and national' discourse got caught on the signal. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which holds billions of pounds of signaling construction work appeared to give to foreign companies.

SözcüAccording to the news of Ali Ekber Ertürk from 4 thousand 896 kilometers of the 4 thousand 893 kilometers long signaling line were built by foreign companies. TÜBİTAK was given only 3 kilometers of construction work. The bill for signalization ranges from 130 thousand to 300 thousand euros per kilometer.

The Court's Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) State Owned Enterprises Commission (SOE) offered TCDD 2019 Year Report, "parts of the signaling system of railway lines within the scope of the tender made as of the majority is being outsourced to contractors that foreign companies and different software, and in this context It has been observed that the hardware has to be used ”.

'IT negatively affects operating costs'

The length of the line on which the signalization was activated is 4 thousand 896 kilometers and the following statements were made in the report, which stated that it was built by 13 different companies:

“The signaling line length under construction is 2 thousand 388 kilometers and it is carried out by 4 different companies. Available 4 thousand 896 km. 4 thousand 893 km of the signaling line section was carried out by contractor or subcontractor foreign companies, while the remaining 3 km line section was carried out by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM. The fact that the signaling systems, which are essential for train traffic, have different software and hardware causes some difficulties in terms of train operation and negatively affects operating costs. "


It was stated in the TCA report that the installation cost of railway signaling systems varies depending on the characteristics of the systems to be installed, their functionality, and line status. In the report, “It can occur between 130 thousand and 500 thousand Euros per kilometer. In the establishment of signalization systems, taking into account the integration and operation difficulties of different systems, it is recommended to work towards reducing system diversity as much as possible and to implement domestic systems as much as possible.

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