Ömerli Dam and Camping Alternatives

omerli dam
omerli dam

Ömerli Dam is on the Riva Stream in Istanbul. It is a dam built in 1973 to provide drinking water to Istanbul. Omerli DamWith its 220 million cubic meters of water capacity, it is one of the biggest water resources of Istanbul. Esenceli Village is located near the dam and this village is an ideal place for camping.

Omerli Dam camping sites  It is quite a lot and hosts many activities in this region. There is no charge especially for the camps you make anywhere in this area. Bird sounds in a magical silence will fascinate you. The camps you can make on the shores of deep blue lakes and lush forests will give you a great serenity.

How to go to Ömerli Dam Lake?

Transportation to the village is easy by car. The location is approximately 50 km from Istanbul Bostancı. After getting on the Şile highway from Istanbul, before you arrive at Avcıkoru, where there are pancakes, when you see the sign for Esenceli, enter the turnoff and never leave the road. The road is asphalt and you can go down to the village through the forest in a pleasant way, accompanied by fragrances. It is possible to find various places to stay / camp around the village, that is, around the dam. Hiking, day trips, picnics etc. It is also a very suitable location for. Spending a few hours on footpaths and mountain roads will relax you with the effect of intense oxygen. Then you can install it where you like.

If you want to enjoy this kind of nature holiday. Survival in nature and special skills kazanon the subject bushcraft You can get help from your school. bushcraft is the general definition given to a group of knowledge and skill sets and knowledge base. It includes a love of nature in its center and enables the person to know his environment in nature and to sustain his life thanks to it. In short, it is the discipline of sustaining life in nature. With this teaching, you can get the following trainings:

  • Making a Fire with the Hand Drill Method
  • Stopping Bleeding
  • Starting a Fire with Kav Mushroom
  • What to Find in the Camping Bag
  • Things to Consider About Campfire
  • Bread Making
  • How to make defensive weapons

What is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft describes the use of natural materials we can find in the wild. It also includes the skills that our ancestors used. With the acquisition of these skills, the individual can quickly adapt to changing conditions in the wild and has an extraordinary ability to improvise. Bushcraft skills help one learn to make it highly appropriate to live in nature without being dependent on technology or outside assistance.

Bushcraft, which will allow a person to survive in the wild making fire, shelter, water supply, hunting, direction finding Includes many skills such as. From the parable, this discipline is not just about survival, but the art of being successful in the wild.

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