Kayseri Transportation Inc. Kovid-19 Received Secure Service Certificate

Kayseri Ulasim as Kovid Secured Service Certificate
Kayseri Ulasim as Kovid Secured Service Certificate

📩 27/01/2021 15:26

TSA Regional Director Mahmut us, for the first time in Turkey Transportation Inc. He presented the document received by the President Büyükkılıç to the President.
Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. achieved another first in Turkey, the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) "TSE-19 Covidien Secure Service Certificate" has succeeded in receiving.

TSE Regional Manager Mahmut Ulaş, the document, Metropolitan Mayor Dr. He presented it to Memduh Büyükkılıç. Mayor Büyükkılıç, TSE Regional Manager Mahmut Ulaş, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Bayar Özsoy and Transportation Inc. He received General Director Feyzullah Gündoğdu in his office.

TSA Regional Manager Jobs, who successfully implemented all of the first set criteria in Turkey and the example in this area Transportation Inc.'s get that showed the success of "The TSA Covidien-19 Secure Service Certificate" President was presented to Büyükkılıç. With the "TSE Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate" issued by TSE, Kayseri Transportation Inc., which operates within the Metropolitan Municipality and carries its goal of being a pioneer in its sector, was given another important certificate. Mayor Büyükkılıç stated that following the Erciyes Ski Center, the services of Transportation Inc. were also registered, and thanked those who contributed.


Some of the activities carried out within the scope of combating Covid-19 in Transportation A.Ş., which received the first safe service certificate in the field of transportation, are as follows: “Separate cleaning plans were created for each area in accordance with safe service standards. Hand disinfection has been placed in the entrances, corridors and common areas. Information was given about the temperature measurement, HES Code and the epidemic at the entrance to the guardhouse. Internal and external communication forms were prepared for the possible case. An isolation room was created. Mask waste boxes were created for the masks used, collected and disposed of in accordance with the waste regulations. Disinfection instructions for common areas, materials and equipment were created. For this, surface disinfection was given to company vehicles, services, workshop and technical personnel. Disinfection was carried out daily in common areas and twice a week in other areas. Information posters were hung in common areas. Area information (max. Person capacity) posters were hung in the closed areas. According to the standards determined by the Ministry of Health, the rule of 4 person per 2 square meters was applied. Covid-1 information training was organized for all personnel and infectious disease training was given to cleaning personnel. Covid-19 Contagion tracking was done daily for all personnel. "

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