Ways to Be Stylish in a Video Meeting

Ways to be frequent in video meeting
Ways to be frequent in video meeting

Due to the corona, almost all business meetings started to be held online with video. Well, what to wear in video meetings, how to be stylish, what should be considered ...

Pajamas down, shirt chic on top

Style Consultant Atilla Mutlu said, “Neither too extravagant nor too shabby should be preferred. At the same time, you should definitely pay attention to your light and camera angle. It is also possible to impress others with your energy by wearing colorful clothes ”.

Beauty to fit camera

Stating that video online meetings have become a part of our lives, Atilla Mutlu said, “The number of online meetings has increased in the pandemic. It will continue to be indispensable from now on. In this process, I often hear about the question of how to be stylish in front of the camera. Because in the past, while elegance meant a wide range from clothes to shoes, it has become an event related to the upper body in online meetings. However, you can be stylish on a small screen where only your upper body is visible, ”he said.

Do not overdo it

Saying that neither too exaggerated nor too shabby outfit should be preferred for video calls, Mutlu said, “It is very important to find the middle. Since we are at home, it is not right to wear very comfortable clothes in front of the camera, but at the same time, an outfit that looks exaggerated should not be preferred. It is not very important as the bottom side will not be visible. You should choose a simple, comfortable but stylish outfit. Again, you can wear jewelry and make up without exaggeration. I also recommend that you choose colorful clothes. "You can impress others with your energy by wearing colorful clothes," he said.

Attention to the light

Stating that the camera angle and light are also very important, Atilla Mutlu said, “You have to get the light in front of you. This will both increase the image quality and highlight your beauty. You should also pay close attention to the camera angle. "Taking the camera from the bottom will make you look fatter than you are."

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