İzmir Metropolitan Has Returned to Its First Service Building After 130 Years

izmir buyuksehir froze to its first service building after a year
izmir buyuksehir froze to its first service building after a year

After the evacuation of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality main service building, which was damaged in the earthquake on October 30, the historical 130-year-old town hall in Kemeraltı was put into service again. In addition to being the first municipal building of the city, the veteran building, which hosted the Defense of Rights during the years of national struggle, will be used as the presidency in accordance with its historical mission.

In the hottest days of the national struggle, the historical town hall in Kemeraltı Hisaronu region, which was the venue of the Müdafaa-i Hukuk Organization's work, was once again in the service of the city and the citizens. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which evacuated the main building after the damage of its main building in Konak in the October 30 earthquake, moved most of its service units to the fair halls in Kültürpark.

Opened for use in accordance with its historical mission

The historical building, in which Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's office is also located, is not only the first municipality building of Izmir, but it is also important in terms of bearing the traces of the national struggle. Opened in 1891 by Halil Rıfat Pasha, the governor of the period, the building was used for this purpose for many years and was evacuated after the municipality moved in the 1970s. After the restoration completed in 1995, it served as the Parliamentary House of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The building, which had been operating as “Çetin Emeç Art Gallery” within the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality until recently, will now be a venue for mayor services in accordance with its historical mission.

izmir buyuksehir froze to its first service building after a year

Service units are in Kültürpark

Apart from the historical building, which will operate as a representative office, the service units of the Metropolitan Municipality are moving to the fair halls in Kültürpark.

In Hall 1, there are departments of Purchasing, Real Estate, Zoning and Urban Planning, Urban Transformation, Human Resources and Education, Financial Services, Editorial Office and Decisions. On the first floor of Hall 1, the heads of departments and meeting rooms are on the second floor, while the rooms of the general secretary and assistant general secretaries are located on the second floor.

Strategy Development, Operation and Support Services, Waste Management, Transportation, Studies and Projects, Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement, Building Control, Agricultural Services, Internal Audit, Map and Geographical Information Systems, Cemeteries, Information Technologies Departments in Hall 2, Law Consultancy and Çetin Emeç Meeting Hall.

In the former UNIVERSIAD building located at the entrance of the Kültürpark Lausanne Gate, the Press and Broadcasting Public Relations Department and its affiliated unit, Hemşehri Communication Center (HİM), and the Climate Change and Environmental Protection Control Department serve.

izmir buyuksehir froze to its first service building after a year

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