Firing Tests of Domestic GÖKTUĞ Air-Air Missile Completed in 2021

Fire tests of domestic goktug air missile are also completed
Fire tests of domestic goktug air missile are also completed

GÖKTUĞ The last official statement regarding the Air-Air missile family system was made by the Turkish Presidency of Defense Industry. The Presidency made statements about the systems that are planned to be delivered to the security forces in 2021 in the "Turkish Defense Industry 2021 Goals" post on Twitter, the social media account. The statement made the statement that "Onboard firing tests of short and medium / long range BOZDOĞAN and GÖKDOĞAN air-air missiles developed for the air superiority of our warplanes will be completed.

planned Gökdoğan views beyond and air air missiles inside Valens opinion Turkey's AIM used in fighter planes-120 AMRAAM views beyond and AIM-9 to replace the Sidewinder opinions indoor air air missile being developed by TUBITAK SAGE.

Test flights of GÖKTUĞ Air-Air Missile continue

Test flights of Göktuğ air-air missile continue to be conducted by the 401st Test Fleet Command. Regarding the test flights, the social media account of the Ministry of National Defense was shared on Twitter in September 2020. In the sharing, "GÖKTUĞ Air-Air Missile Test Flights continue to be performed by the 101st Test Fleet Command with the support of the 401st Air Refueling Fleet Command." statements were included.

Within the scope of the Göktuğ air-to-air missile project, which started in 2013, the GÖKDOĞAN - GÖ Missile with a long-range active radar seeker head and a short-range high-maneuverable, Infrared Imager Seeker (IIR) BOZDOĞAN - Gİ Air-Air missile is being developed.

Seekers developed within the scope of GÖKDOĞAN air-to-air missile project are also used in long-range air defense missiles. GÖKDOĞAN Air-Air missile, whose development work is planned to be completed in 2020, will be launched from F-16 aircraft and will increase the air dominance of the Turkish Air Force.

Regarding domestic air-to-air missiles, President Erdogan said, “The guided firing tests of BOZDOĞAN in-sight and GÖKDOĞAN beyond sight missiles, developed within the scope of the project we have been carrying out to produce our first domestic and national air-to-air missile, have also been successfully completed. Hopefully, we will take our BOZDOĞAN missile into the inventory as soon as possible. Thanks to this success, we have made significant progress in the work of our long-range air defense missile system, SİPER. " he had made statements.

In the interview with Tübitak SAGE Institute Director Gürcan Okumuş, he said the following about Gökdoğan and Bozdoğan:

“The expected completion time of the project under normal conditions is the end of 2020. Ground tests have been completed. Next, there are tests to be carried out on the aircraft… In the coming months, the target aircraft will be fired with the 401st Test Fleet Command. "

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