Renault models of the future

renault concept models
renault concept models

Concept models introduced at auto shows give clues about the cars that brands plan to produce in the future. While these cars shape the future of travel, they dazzle with their incredible features and extraordinary looks.

Renault represents the future of design and performance with its electric concept models that reveal its vision of mobility. Renault Models push the limits as an electric concept. Equipped with the latest technologies, Renault Models shape the future as the electric concept of the future. Renault cars focus on the future, groundbreaking innovation, performance and emotion. Here are Renault's groundbreaking concept models in the future.

Megane eVision

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The Megane eVision concept is equipped with the electric platform of the future. Renault, the pioneer of electric models, goes one step further with the electric vehicles platform CMF-EV. Along with this platform, it focuses on groundbreaking innovation, performance and emotion.

With its dimensions, the Megane eVision is much more suitable for use in the city and in the field. With the Mega eVision, a new stage is started in electric vehicles. The sedan exceeds standards thanks to a battery that provides power and paves the way for the transition to electric models.

Slim 60 kWh battery. In addition, the Megane eVision, with its closer to the ground and more aerodynamic design, significantly reduces electricity consumption and increases driving range.

Megane eVision is recognized even from a distance. With LIVINGTECH technological innovation, the headlight signature becomes clear when you approach and the headlights come to the fore.

Feel the technology and innovations in every detail of Megane eVision. It stands out from others with its "smooth" surfaces and "flush" design principle. Retractable door handles are concealed until you use them.

Care was taken to ensure that the Megane eVision's large wheels do not protrude as far as possible. It is positioned very close to the body to strengthen the aerodynamic structure.


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Renault SYMBIOZ Concept makes the mobile home concept a reality. The cabin, which is open to different uses, now allows you to experience a new experience in your vehicle, which is the heart of an ecosystem woven around you.

With SYMBIOZ Concept, your car is no longer separate from your living space. Designed like a part of your home. Shapes, colors, materials, features… Everything is designed to make you feel like you have never left your living room while on the road. When you return home, your car turns into a room in the house. Its intimate interior and digital features are always at hand. Immerse yourself in SYMBIOZ, which includes comfort and you, and arrive where you want to go in peace and comfort.

Thanks to the various autonomous driving modes, you don't have to drive SYMBIOZ with your own hands… The option is here: come on if you're ready. In lounge mode, the swivel front seats rotate 180 ° to offer a brand new driving experience. You can forget that you are on the road even if you don't see the scenery passing and going through the glass ceiling.

SYMBIOZ takes connectivity and home automation to the next level. Your house automatically charges your car and your car can meet your home's electricity needs. This interconnection enables your car and home to know each other and anticipate the needs of the other. With SYMBIOZ, you can transition to a digital ecosystem dedicated to making life easier without any space restrictions.

Formula 1 in the future: RS 2027 Vision

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With its transparent cockpit, you can fully see the pilot in the RS 2027 Vision cockpit. The transparent cockpit of the RS 3 Vision, specially designed according to the pilot's dimensions and 2027D printed with light and durable material, offers a racing experience where you can follow the pilot's expressions closely. His helmet is also transparent so you can see his face and his reactions. When you watch it both on the racing field and from a distance, you get into the action.

To help you better understand the race, active LED lights on the wheels display important information such as the pilot's race rank and the vehicle's energy status.

Created by the joint effort of Renault Design and Renault Sport Racing experts, the RS 2027 Vision concept car is true to its roots.

C-shaped LED headlights, illuminated logo on the bonnet, active lighting, command-controlled wings and other moving aerodynamic parts. Our new concept car is true to the roots of our brand with powerful visual components. Our model RS 2027 Vision will convince you in terms of design! This is true not only for Formula 1 fanatics, but also for new tech enthusiasts who aren't too interested in motor racing.

With signature touches such as the turbocharged diesel engine as well as the colors on the rear wing and hood, the RS 2027 Vision proudly recalls its ancestor, the 1977 model Renault RS01. The yellow and black colors on the hood have a metallic look for a visual aesthetic that expresses quality, technique and performance, highlighted by a gold leaf.

Renault ZOE e-Sport

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Renault ZOE, our latest concept car that stands out with its impressive design, is sporty to the fullest. Perfect design that combines the enormous potential of electric vehicles with our passion for cars in terms of driving pleasure.

Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept is a combination of the standard Renault ZOE and the single-seat Formula E Renault model. Inspired by the single-seat Renault e.dams look, the Satin Blue bodywork, yellow touches, distinctive C-shaped headlights and the front-lit and vertical Renault logo… Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept embodies and enhances our brand identity. Lovely all around!

Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept embodies our passion for motorsport and the perfection of our Renault Sport engineers, two-time Formula E world champion.

The Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept chassis has benefited greatly from the experience of Renault Sport Cars expert teams, who have developed some of the Renault Group's most radical sports cars. The search for the highest dynamic performance guided the technical decisions made. Tubular chassis developed by TORK Engineering, "double triangle" suspension front and rear, 20-inch wheels and OHLINS "four-way" adjustable shock absorbers enable Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept to achieve top performance on the track.

Thanks to its architecture, power and power transmission management, Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept achieves the highest level of performance. Thanks to its weight / power ratio (1.460 kg / 460 hp including the driver) and its almost instantaneous torque of 640 Nm (320 Nm per engine), it can reach 3,2 km / h in 100 seconds and 10 km / h in less than 210 seconds.

Renault TREZOR

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Welcome to an exciting future! The electric coupé Renault TREZOR is the beginning of a new concept car era and is a search for the design and technology of future models. With its warm design and services for driving pleasure, this electric GT reflects our transport vision for the future and our passion for cars.

Renault TREZOR Concept is an important part of our redesigned model range: simple, sensuous and warm lines, distinctive front face, distinctive “C” shaped headlight signature. Renault TREZOR Concept, which started with the Renault DEZIR Concept and became concrete with the New Renault CLIO, represents the maturity of our brand's style.

On the hood of the Renault TREZOR Concept is a honeycomb-shaped air intake reminiscent of the rear body structure. An analog indicator showing the charge level is installed instead of the fuel filler cap on the driver's side. On the back is a red laser light in the signature fiber optic tail light.

The cabin design of Renault TREZOR Concept is exciting and warm with its dominant red color. It focuses on driving pleasure with top quality materials such as wood and leather. Combining fine craftsmanship and technology, its cockpit heralds the interiors of our future models that are intended to be even more stylish, stylized and connected.

Renault TREZOR Concept, reminiscent of classic racing cars, invites you to step from the threshold and enter the cockpit. The sporty, exciting appearance of the doors is accentuated by the red leather covering the upper pillar of the body. The head restraints automatically move backwards as if inviting you in.

Surprise! The red wood torpedo of Renault TREZOR Concept includes a luggage compartment. Specially manufactured partitions secured in place with leather straps extend in front of dark red soft leather seats. The sleek line of the torpedo highlights the technological cabin with large touch screen. In the rectangular steering wheel, touch screens replace traditional controls.


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With its dynamic lines and redesigned cabin, R-SPACE Concept modernizes the MPV style to meet the needs of the whole family.

Why do you need a very useful and functional tool for your family? The warm and exciting R-SPACE Concept does not ignore driving pleasure and sportiness. This emotional concept car frees itself from the traditional molds of the family car.

With its shaped side lines, characterful shoulders, slim measurements and raised back, the R-SPACE Concept is almost like a human being. Its lines and flowing lines, emphasized by light effects never before used in family cars, add an energetic and light air to it.

The R-SPACE Concept, a family car, stands out for its intimate exterior design and personality. Everyone will admire their soft and energetic lines.

Renault innovation for life: Renault CAPTUR

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Discover the automotive standards of tomorrow. The Renault CAPTUR concept model invites you to a world of comfort and entertainment where joy and excitement come together through innovative services.

Get ready for performance. The CAPTUR concept car is inspired by the world of extreme sports. Its humanoid, sculpted profile resembles a sprinter about to start racing.

With its imposing lines and dimensions, the Renault CAPTUR Concept expresses an assertive and impulsive profile that combines lightness and strength at the same time. Soft, flowing and exciting outlines, without sharp corners or angles, are shaped and accentuated by plays of light that emphasize the matte and satin bi-directional texture of the body. This interwoven double surface texture emphasizes its muscular lines.

Renault CAPTUR Concept, a compact and flexible crossover, was designed to meet the needs of urban couples. Ergonomic cabin design stimulates the senses.

Inviting you to take the road, Renault CAPTUR Concept seduces with its modern cabin inspired by the world of sports. It resembles a stretched muscle with electroluminescent cables attached to its tight and flowing lines.

Technofiber elastic cords placed in all comfort areas to increase athletic appeal give a feeling of comfort like a hammock, reminding of mountain climbing and boat trips.

The Renault CAPTUR Concept cabin is a completely redesign of the SUV and crossover classes. We took an innovative approach to flexibility, reinterpreted with lightness and pleasure to make it a functional vehicle.

Are you going to the beach? Fit your surfboards using the elastic cross straps on the back or hit the road with a friend or two. It has no predefined purpose. It is up to you to use it as you wish.

Turku, love: Renault DEZIR

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The Renault DEZIR concept model, with its flashy, sincere and different lines, is the realization of our passions.

Renault DEZIR, an electric sports coupe, draws attention with its friendly and lively design. With its exciting drive, it always appeals to your senses.

The wings on the bumper create a strip effect for air passage and give the front face of Renault DEZIR both a light and strong appearance. The larger diamond logo shining on a dark background symbolizes the new brand identity.

Contoured forms, white leather, vibrating lights reflecting your heartbeat, an exciting red… You will fly to the peaks of happiness in the DEZIR Concept cabin.

Feel yourself in the cockpit with sports coupe gauges. With its electric motor, reach 5 km / h in 100 seconds. You can easily control all the features of your vehicle with the touch screen.

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