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prison Break It is one of the series that has been watched with excitement since the first day of its release. It was published in 2005. The last episode was published in 2017. It lasted 5 seasons in total. It is a TV series published in English. In the series, a young man named Lincoln is blamed for a crime he did not commit. Lincol's life was turned upside down after Lincol's brother, Michael, was imprisoned. That's why he wants to start his plans to escape from prison, which he made with his brother. Lincoln is accused of killing the president's brother. Therefore, he is considered to be executed. Micheal is a successful engineer. Micheal's goal is to save his brother, who was imprisoned innocently. He must save him before his older brother is executed and goes to jail by stealing. He has drawn the map of the prison on his body, and the plan is flawless. Of course, Micheal is not used to life in prison. That's why he has many difficulties there too. He struggles with both kidnapping his brother and the bullies in prison. The series revolves around this topic. Moreover, it has been deemed worthy of many awards. Although the series is 5 seasons, it is watched in one breath.

Why We Should Watch Prison Break

prison Break It is one of the series that is very enjoyable to watch. It is a series about a young person wrongly imprisoned and rescuing him. Prison break watch All viewers are big fans of the show. This series, which deals with both action, intelligence and friendship, has been loved and watched by many countries.

Prison Break Actors and Their Characters

Michael Scofield - Wentworth Miller;

The character comes to the fore with his being very smart and cool. The things that his brother does because of his love will surprise and touch us all.

Lincoln Burrows - Dominic Purcell;

This character is known for his fatherly, arm-hugging nature as well as his aggressive behavior. He can even give his own life for his loved ones. This obscures other bad traits he makes for his loved ones.

Sara Tancredi - Sarah Wayne Callies;

This character is known for his love and loyalty. Moreover, it is locked to the screens with its beauty.

Fernando Sucre - Amaury Nolasco;

This character is known for his sympathy and close friendship. Friendship is a must for a drama. also vikings watchYou can visit the page within the venue.

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